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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (Air Force ROTC)?

An OU student can sign up for AERO classes just like any other University of Oklahoma class. There is NO application, NO interview, NO review board, and NO physical fitness requirements to be met just to check out the program.  If you are a freshman or have four years remaining, enroll in AERO 1011 (Fall) or AERO 1021 (Spring).  If you are a sophomore or have three years remaining beginning in the Fall, sign up for AERO 2011 (Fall).  If you are a junior or senior with two or less years remaining, contact us at or call us to discuss available options.  When leaving an e-mail provide a phone number for quicker communication. Crosstown students will need to apply as an "Undergraduate Visitor" and can reference the program guide "How to Become an AFROTC Cadet at Det 675 to apply for OU courses.

How to apply for a High School Scholarship.

Interested High School Seniors reference the "High School Scholarship Program" guide. 

I did not get an Air Force ROTC scholarship out of high school. May I still join Air Force ROTC?

Yes!  Air Force ROTC is available to ANY eligible student admitted to the University of Oklahoma or to one of our crosstown schools (Rose State College, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Baptist University, Oklahoma Christian University, and University of Central Oklahoma).  You do NOT have to be on scholarship to join Air Force ROTC.

I do not have 20/20 vision. Can I still be a pilot and fly?

All scholarship recipients and members of Air Force ROTC preparing for Field Training must take and pass a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) medical exam.  DODMERB determines whether you are medically qualified for Air Force ROTC and whether you meet the general medical qualifications for rated positions.  Physicals normally take six to eight weeks to process.  If you have a medical question, DODMERB is your only official source of information.  Write DODMERB, Colorado Springs, CO 80840-2200, or call 719-333-3562.

If I join Air Force ROTC, does that mean I am joining the military?

NO!  If you have been selected for a four year scholarship out of high school, you have no active duty service commitment until the first day of attendance at Aerospace Studies class or Leadership Lab sophomore year.  You may leave the program at the end of your freshmen year with no obligation.

If you are selected for an in-college scholarship, you are not committed to the Air Force until you accept your scholarship (usually in the spring of freshmen year or fall of sophomore year).

If you are not on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, then you are not committed to joining the Air Force until you start your junior year of college (after attending Field Training).

Air Force ROTC provides you with lots of opportunities to see what the Air Force is about before making a commitment.  While you are making your decision, you are earning your degree and having a great time!

Do I have to be in Air Force ROTC to apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship?

No.  High school students and students who have not been enrolled full-time in a college or university can apply for the Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) on  However, students who are already enrolled in college full-time must join Air Force ROTC to be considered for an Air Force ROTC scholarship.

How does the Air Force determine which career field I will be in once I graduate?

Air Force ROTC cadets interested in pilot, Combat Systems Officer (CSO), or Air Battle Manager (ABM) training will compete for a rated position in the spring term of their junior year in college.  Their detachment will process their application, and a national selection board will decide.  Selection factors include Air Force ROTC Detachment Commander rankings/comments, Cumulative college GPA, fitness test scores, pilot, CSO, and ABM sub-scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), and the number of flying hours, if any.  All other Air Force ROTC cadets (including those not selected for rated duties) put together a "dream sheet" listing assignment preferences (listing career fields and initial base choices, academic major, and Detachment Commander comments) during the fall term of senior year in college.  Selections are made by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), considering the needs of the Air Force, the cadet's academic major, and the cadet's preferences.

I already have my bachelors degree. Can I work on a second bachelors degree in your programs?

Generally no. Individuals who have completed their first bachelor’s degree are expected to pursue a commission through Air Force Officer Training School (OTS). Waivers may be considered for students majoring in critical technical majors who have a 3.0 CGPA and meet outstanding and deserving criteria as determined by Air Force ROTC Headquarters. Contact the Recruiting Flight Commander at if you want to discuss your specific case. When leaving an email, please provide a phone number for quicker communication.   

Do I have to be a full-time student to be in Air Force ROTC?

You must be a full-time student (enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester).  The only exception is that with Detachment Commander permission (you must ask before you do this), you can take only the courses required for your commission (i.e., only your Aerospace Studies courses) during your final term.

I am currently in the military and enrolled in an on-base program at a school not affiliated with Air Force ROTC. Can I finish my degree at this school and take my Air Force ROTC classes at a local detachment?

No.  You must be enrolled as a full-time student at a host university that offers an Air Force ROTC program (such as OU) or a crosstown university (our crosstown universities are Rose State College, Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma Baptist University, and University of Central Oklahoma).

Other Questions?

For answers to more FAQs, please see Also, please feel free to contact the Recruiting Flight Commander at When leaving an email, please provide a phone number for quicker communication.