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Teaching and Learning


Dr. Barker has taught several courses in applied statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level, including initial attempts to offer courses in an online setting. For a list of courses offered in the OU School of ISE, check out the OU Course Catalog.

ISE 3293/5013 - Applied Engineering Statistics
Introduction to probability, one and higher dimensional random variates, function of random variables, expectation, discrete and continuous distributions, sampling and descriptive statistics, parameter estimation, use of statistical packages.
Taught Su08, Su09, Sp11, Sp12, Sp13, Sp14, Sp15, Sp17, Sp18, Sp19, Sp20, Sp21, Sp22
Taught at OU in Arezzo in Fa15, Fa16, Fa17, Fa18, Fa19
Taught online Su15, Su16, Fa16, Su17, Fa17, Su18, Fa18, Su19, Fa19, Su20, Fa20, Sp21, Su21, Fa21, Sp22

ISE 4383/5383 - Systems Evaluation
Focuses on the development and evaluation of alternate system and process designs. Development of system goals, requirements, and performance measures; ranking of alternatives and decision analysis techniques. Review and development of trade studies.
Taught Fa13, Fa14, Fa15, Fa16, Fa17, Fa18, Fa19, Fa20, Fa21

ISE 4553/5553 - Data Driven Decision Making (formerly Engineering Experimental Design)
Fundamentals of statistical models for describing engineering systems and processes. Analysis of variance, multiple regression, logistic regression, time series, clustering. Emphasis is placed on decision making.
Taught Fa08, Fa09, Fa10, Fa11, Fa12, Fa13, Fa14, Fa15, Fa16, Fa17, Fa18, Fa19, Fa20, Fa21

ISE 4563/5563 - Quality and Reliability Engineering
The use of statistical methods for quality control and improvement in product and process environments, as well as introductory applied probability for component and system reliability. Topics include philosophies of quality management, control chart theory and application, process capability, and performance metrics of reliability. Focus is given to decision making in engineering systems.
Taught Sp09, Sp10, Sp11

ISE 5343 - Reliability in Engineering Design
Probabilistic reliability models for the lifetimes of manufactured components. Structure functions, system reliability calculations, lifetime distributions, models of dependence, parameter estimation, availability, maintainability, burn-in, preventive maintenance.
Taught Sp13

4990/5970 - Special Topics: Regression Analysis
Development of multiple regression, logistic regression, and other related regression approaches. Topics include data transformations, dummy variables, model checking, and interpretation of models.
Taught Fa09

ISE 5970 - Special Topics: Risk and Decision Analysis
Fundamentals of decision analysis and the incorporation of risk to improve decision making. Topics include structuring decision problems, developing alternatives, single and multiple objectives, utility theory, risk tolerance, data-driven and subjective probability, and psychological pitfalls.
Co-taught Fa11