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Research Briefs

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Research Briefs

May 2023

The Early Educational Experiences of Spanish-Speaking Dual Language Learners in Tulsa: Findings from the Tulsa SEED Study

Tulsa SEED Study Team

This study aimed at understanding how early childhood programs and schools can best support dual language learning students and their families.

Read the full brief (PDF)

March 2023

Kindergarten through Grade 3 Outcomes Associated with Participation in High-Quality Early Care and Education: A RCT Follow-Up Study

Diane Horm, Shinyoung Jeon, Moira Clavijo, and Melissa Acton

This study investigated child outcomes, kindergarten through Grade 3, of 75 children randomly assigned as infants to either participate or not in an enhanced Early Head Start/Head Start program.

Read the complete brief (PDF)

December 2022

A Year After School Reopening, Demands On Teachers Couldn’t Be Higher

Tulsa SEED Study Team

The dramatic impacts of COVID-19 on students and teachers are still evident as of the Spring of 2022. 

Read the full brief here (PDF)

June 2022

What We Lose When We Focus on Learning Loss

Tulsa SEED Study Team

Most children did not “lose” knowledge they had acquired before COVID. Instead, they continued to gain knowledge but at a dramatically slower pace than they did before the pandemic.

Read the full brief (PDF)

June 2021

Teacher Depressive Symptoms and Child Math Achievement in Head Start: The Roles of Family-Teacher Relationships and Approaches to Learning

Shinyoung Jeon, Lieny Jeon, Sarah Lang, Kaitlyn Newell

This study examined the impact that teachers' depressive symptoms have on children's math scores.

Download the complete article (PDF)

August 2020

Parents, Teachers, and Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tulsa SEED Study Team

This brief describes the experiences of parents and teachers of 1st graders in Tulsa, OK since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full brief (PDF)


Depression in early childhood teachers can have negative effects on students

August 2019

The Role of Teachers' Depressive Symptoms in Classroom Quality and Child Developmental Outcomes in Early Head Start programs

Kyong-Ah Kwon, Shinyoung Jeon, Lieny Jeon, Sherri Castle

The study examined whether teacher depression is directly or indirectly associated with children's social-emotional and language development in the context of Early Head Start programs.

Download the full story (pdf)



Tulsa SEED Study Team

The Tulsa SEED Study is a longitudinal study of publicly-funded pre-k programs for low-income children in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following children from age 3 through 4th grade. The study aims to understand the effects of pre-k on self-regulatory, education, and health outcomes and the role of classroom supports and context in explaining those effects.

What is Tulsa SEED?

Participants of Tulsa SEED Study

Teachers of Tulsa SEED Study

Positive outcomes underscore the value of stability of care

November 2018

Do Stability of Care and Teacher-Child Interaction Quality Predict Child Outcomes in Early Head Start?

Ji Young Choi, Diane Horm, Shinyoung Jeon, Dahyung Ryu

This study examined whether children's outcomes at age 3 were predicted by their experiences in Early Head Start, focusing on the stability of care and teacher-child interactions.

Download the full story (pdf)

A child's classroom behaviour may be influenced by their peers

October 2018

Peer Effects on Low-Income Childrens' Learning and Development

Ji Young Choi, Sherri Castle, Margaret Burchinal, Diane Horm, Shannon Guss

This study examined whether peers' receptive vocabulary skills and teacher-reported social-emotional functioning measured at the beginning of the school year were related to children's gains over the course of the year.

Download the full story (pdf)