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ECEI staff, along with doctoral students in the ILAC Ph.D. program, work in partnership with affiliated faculty, fellows and partners to increase the generation and dissemination of early childhood research.  We have averaged 11 publications annually for the last five years.  Our content areas include teacher characteristics and well-being, early childhood services and quality of care, and child outcomes.

Our publications are listed below and are searchable by year of publication, author and title.

2021Jeon, S., Jeon, L., Lang, S., & Newell, K.  Teacher Depressive Symptoms and Child Math Achievement in Head Start: The Roles of Family -- Teacher Relationships and Approaches to Learning 
2021Kwon, K., Jeon, S., Castle, S., & Ford, T.
Children's  Behavioral Challenges in Head Start Classrooms: Links to Teacher Well-Being and Intent to Leave.
2021Rumper, B.M., Frechette, E., Greenfield D. B., & Hirsh-Pasek, K.,Impacts on Head Start Dual Language Learning Children’s Early Science Outcomes 
2021Johnson, A.D., Phillips, D.A., Schochet, O.N., Martin, A., Castle, S., Tulsa SEED Study TeamTo Whom Little is Given, Much is Expected: ECE Teacher Stressors and Supports as Determinants of Classroom Quality 
2021Frechette, E., Rumper, B.M., & Greenfield, D.B.Executive Control in Dual Language Learning Preschoolers: The Association Between Hot and Cool Executive Control and Science Achievement 
2021Kwon, K., Horm, D. & Amirault, C.,Early Childhood Teachers’ Well-Being: What We Know and Why We Should Care 
2021Williams, B.D., Sisson, S.B., Dev, D.A., Lowery, B., Horm, D., Campbell, J., Finneran, D., Graef-Downard, J., Whaley, L.Associations between Community Built Environments with Early Care and Education Classroom Physical Activity Practices and Barriers 
2021Laurin, D.E., Guss, S.S., Horm, D.Caregiver-infant and toddler interactions during diapering: Caregiver responsiveness and child well-being and involvement 
2021Tabbutt, K., Maher, E.J. & Horm, D.Foundations for Success: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Statewide, Cross-Sector Early Childhood Collaborative 
2021Malek-Lasater, Adrien D., Kwon, Kyong- Ah, Horm, Diane M., Sisson, Dipti A. Dev., Castle, Sherri L.Supporting Children’s Healthy Development During Mealtime in Early Childhood. Early Childhood Education Journal 
2020Martin, A., Johnson, A.D., & Castle, S.Reframing High-Quality Public Preschool as a Vehicle for Narrowing Child Health Disparities Based on Family Income. Academic Pediatrics. 
2020Yazejian, N., Bryant, D., Kuhn, L., Burchinal, M., Horm, D., Hans, S., File, N., Jackson, B.The Educare Intervention: Outcomes at Age 3. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53, 425-440.   
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2020Neppl, T. K., Jeon, S., Diggs, O., & Donnellan, M. B.Positive parenting, effortful control, and developmental outcomes across early childhood. Developmental Psychology, 56(3), 444-457.
2020Kwon, K., Malek, A., Horm, D., & Castle, S.Turnover and Retention of Infant-Toddler Teachers: Reasons, Consequences, and Suggestions for Improvement. Children and Youth Services Review.
2020Jeon, S., Kwon, K., Guss, S., & Horm, D.Profiles of family engagement in Early Head Start: Associations with child outcomes and parenting skills. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53, 108-123.
2020Beisly, A., Kwon, K. A., Jeon, S., & Lim, C.The moderating role of two learning related behaviours in preschool children's academic outcomes: Learning behaviour and executive function. Early Child Development and Care, 1-16.
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2019Beisly, A., Kwon, K., & Jeon, S.Executive function and learning behaviors: Associations with academic skills among preschoolers, Early Child Development and Care.
2019Choi, J., Horm, D., Jeon, S., & Ryu, D.Do stability of care and teacher-child interaction quality predict child outcomes in Early Head Start? Early Education and Development, 30(3), 337-356.
2019Coffey, S., Latta, L., Mueller, H., & Flanders, S. Collaboration, innovation and time: A shared journey through child psychiatric consultation in the school setting. Psychiatric Services, 70(5).
2019Jeon, S., & Neppl, T.K.Economic pressure, parental positivity, positive parenting and child social competence. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(5), 1402-1412
2019Jeon, S., & Neppl, T.K.The intergenerational transmission of externalizing behavior: The importance of a positive romantic partner. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
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