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Medical Informatics

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About Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics Staff
Medical Informatics Staff

The United States invests far more than any other nation in healthcare yet fails to attain expected improvements in health and quality of life. The Department of Medical Informatics (MI) at the School of Community Medicine is committed to the achievement of a Learning Health System in Oklahoma and nationwide.

Innovative Collaborations

The Medical Informatics Department has pioneered broad and unique collaborations that have and will continue to lead to new and novel opportunities in research. The Medical Informatics faculty and staff have developed extensive partnerships and collaborations at the local community, state, and national levels which improve OU’s ability to identify and undertake novel research with unique data.

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National Prominence

Dr. David Kendrick appeared before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pension in the full committee hearing on Achieving the Promise of Health Information Technology: Information Blocking and Potential Solutions.

To view the hearing, click here.

To read the transcript, click here.