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During orientation, ultrasound training starts with a day-long hands-on workshop led by our senior ultrasound faculty member Dr. Lori Whelan. During this workshop, residents learn the basics of ultrasound including the science of ultrasonographic imaging and the techniques of ED bedside ultrasound.

This initial training is followed by a two-week-long ultrasound rotation during the first three months of the intern year during which residents receive hands-on training at the bedside performing ultrasounds under the guidance and supervision of our ultrasound faculty. During this rotation, our interns each perform enough ultrasounds to be qualified for the remainder of their residency to use ultrasound in their daily clinical work.

Our residents continue to use ultrasound actively throughout their residency training and receive frequent didactic instruction during conference on novel, cutting-edge ultrasound techniques. By graduation our residents average over 500 scans per resident and are well-prepared to use ED bedside ultrasound in their clinical careers.

Our program takes great pride in our rigorous ultrasound curriculum and the training we provide our residents.

Program contact: Dr. Lori Whelan, Associate Chair of Emergency Medicine and Director of Emergency Ultrasound.