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FAQs/Applicant Information

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Applicant Information

How do I apply for a residency position with your program?

We accept applications for residency through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)   You will find us listed as the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program at the University of Oklahoma, School of Community Medicine, Tulsa.

Can I become board certified if I train here?

YES, Residents who successfully complete the residency program are eligible to become certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. We also offer an opportunity for residents to complete the requirements for certification with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

What makes this program unique?

We have a special emphasis on serving our Community. Residents work with a dedicated Family Medicine faculty team to learn about the “health disparities” faced by many patients in every community.

What does clinic look like in the program?

We are a "Clinic First" 2+2 program.  This means that residents spend 2 weeks of every month seeing patients at our Family Medicine Clinic site.

Why "Clinic First"?

Having the "Clinic First" model allows the residents to have a more predictable work schedule for at least two weeks of every month.  The residents say this is a game changer for them.  They love the 2+2 schedule. 

What other programs do the residents work with?

Residents work with many of the other residency programs on our campus, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Other positives about the program?

  • Residents complete rotations in both urban and rural locations.
  • Residents have 6 elective rotations that allow them to choose rotations that interest them.
  • We have a night float system that limits the amount of nights that residents have to cover.
  • Throughout residency a dedicated team of research and community health faculty and staff assist residents in completing projects in community health, quality improvement and research.
  • Residents have the opportunity to present their work at local, regional and/or national conferences.
  • Our faculty members are dedicated to resident learning and modeling the best aspects of being a family medicine physician.
  • OB Track for residents wanting to have additional training in obstetrics.