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Tulsa Healthcare Coverage Program

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Tulsa Healthcare Coverage Program

Contact Us: (918) 619-4749

Team Members:

Maya Betz
(918) 973-2076

Stephanie Hill
(918) 417-6259

Yoslemy (Emy) Quintero
(918) 948-9002
(for Spanish Speaking)

Jackie Thornton
(918) 921-5223

Sanjuana Alvizo
(918) 770-9764
(for Spanish speaking)

Nereyda Gijon
(918) 409-0081
(for Spanish speaking)

To learn about additional resources for patients & families, visit

The Program

The Tulsa Healthcare Coverage Program (THCP) is a grant funded OU-TU School of Community Medicine program that works to identify uninsured Tulsans and provide them with an eligibility screening for available coverage options. Team members assist qualifying individuals with enrollment in public healthcare coverage options and, where possible, provide health literacy education.

Our Goals

THCP is committed to providing the following for our Tulsa friends, families, and neighbors.

I. Healthcare Coverage Connection

THCP team members help determine eligibility for public healthcare coverage options, like Medicaid (Soonercare), and assist with the enrollment process. In addition to Medicaid (Soonercare), THCP will also provide education on Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment and referral for ACA assistance, as needed.

II. Medical Home Connection

THCP will connect participants to a medical home or a safety-net clinic to ensure participants receive the necessary care for their chronic or acute medical needs.

III. Promote Preventive Healthcare Behavior

THCP will provide health literacy education, so that participants understand how to use their healthcare coverage benefits. If a preventive health check-up or annual physical is needed, THCP will assist in scheduling an appointment.

IV.  Provide Eligibility Screening Charity-funded Specialty Care Program Referrals

THCP screening and enrollment services are available to Tulsa community partners.

The Need

In addition to day-to-day challenges resulting from those who are living in poverty, a lack of health literacy and an unfamiliarity with, or access to, technology are barriers to individuals connecting to coverage on their own. While the application is available online, individuals require personal assistance to successfully determine eligibility and correctly enroll in coverage.


THCP has created a network of partnerships that have come to rely on the team’s knowledge in navigating public healthcare coverage. By strategically partnering with agencies that serve the same uninsured and underinsured populations, THCP has direct access to the clients it is driven to serve. Community agencies have come to depend on THCP services for their clients, as the healthcare environment is always changing, and it can be difficult for partners to remain current. THCP develops a tailored plan of implementation for services at each location. 

The THCP team consists of five members who assist qualifying individuals with enrollment in public healthcare coverage options and refer to independent agents for enrollment assistance with ACA. The team provides health literacy education on how each clients’ coverage works and pertinent re-enrollment dates. Once a primary care provider is identified, team members promote preventive health behavior and, if needed, assist clients with connection to medical homes by helping them schedule initial visits, which many clients have never done before.