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Applicant Information - FAQs

1. Do you sponsor the H-1 visa?

No, but we do sponsor J-1 visas.


2. I do not have any US clinical experience. Should I apply to your program?

No, we require at least three months minimum.


3. I graduated medical school ten years ago, would my application still be considered favorably?

No. We only accept those applicants who have graduated in the last five years.


4. I passed the USMLE Step II on the first attempt but passed the USMLE Step I on the fourth attempt, should I still apply?

No, the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure will not issue a medical license if either step was taken more than three times.


5. I have eight months of research experience in the United States and no US clinical experience. Can this take place of the six months US clinical experience requirement?

No, you must have three months US clinical experience to be considered for an interview.


6. I have six months U.S. clinical experience but only one month in internal medicine and one month in cardiology. The remaining four months have been in Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn. Will my application be considered for an interview?

Your application will be reviewed. It will depend on your letters of recommendation from U.S. physicians who have observed your clinical skills.


7. If I do not meet your requirements for an interview, can I be considered for a possible post-match position?

No, all applicants are subject to the same requirements.