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Educational Curriculum

There are several conferences over the course of the week and full attendance is expected. 

Core Curriculum Conference

The core curriculum conference is held every week throughout the year. This comprehensive lecture series is presented by Nephrology faculty on topics that cover core aspects of Nephrology. This lecture series follows a two year cycle during the fellowship. During the first 6 weeks of the academic year, the lectures focus on providing the first year fellows with “key survival information” including the management of renal emergencies, basics of dialysis, and transplantation medicine. Renal physiology lectures are incorporated into the core curriculum. 

Clinical Case Conference

These conferences are held every other week throughout the year. The cases are presented by the fellow on the clinical service under the guidance of the rounding attending. The presenting fellow then leads a discussion of pathophysiology and treatment options for the case presented. One or two cases are reviewed each conference.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

There is a morbidity and mortality conference scheduled every 3 months. A fellow along with a supervising faculty is assigned to this presentation. The fellow usually picks a case from the inpatient service. He then goes through the case history and identifies the adverse outcome in the case. He also reviews the relevant scientific literature. The presentation will conclude with the application of the assimilated evidence to the patient case scenario and address measures that would be helpful in early diagnosis and possible prevention of a complication.

Research Conference

This conference meets every 3 months. Clinical and basic science faculty and fellows present their research projects at this conference to familiarize the Division with proposed or ongoing research.

Journal Club

This conference meets once every month to discuss selected journal articles. A mixture of landmark studies and recent studies are chosen for journal club. Following brief presentation of background information, the current research article is discussed and evaluated by the entire faculty and fellows. Instruction in interpreting medical literature is provided to fellows. 

Pathology Conference

Key pathology faculty from Tulsa and Oklahoma City cover the spectrum of renal pathology. Two to three monthly lectures are provided.