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Orthopaedic Trauma

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Trauma Fellowship of Oklahoma is a University based program, for which the primary teaching sites are two Level 2 trauma centers at St. John and Saint Francis for a total of 1,600 beds. With no orthopaedic surgery residency at this location, the fellow is allowed the opportunity to participate in any and all cases, including those in the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program. The Trauma Fellowship is a one-year program designed to prepare an orthopaedic surgeon for a career in orthopaedic traumatology and post-traumatic reconstructive surgery, in either a full-time academic setting or private practice.

About Our Program

Our program currently is designed for only one fellow, and is an OTA accredited fellowship in orthopaedic trauma.  Because the university with which we are affiliated, does not have an orthopaedic residency program in this city, our accreditation is via the OTA rather than the ACGME.

We do, however, have rotating medical students and orthopaedic surgery residents from another local university, which allows our fellows an opportunity to teach and to interact with other learners via our monthly journal club and other educational conferences.  Orthopaedic residents from two regional orthopaedic surgery programs participate in twice-yearly cadaver labs sponsored by our program faculty.

Our program is registered with the OTA, and fellowship positions are filled through the San Francisco Match.


Find us on Instagram at @ou_ortho_trauma_fellowship and join along to see a day in the life of our Orthopaedic Trauma fellowship program.