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Why Sports Medicine?

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Why Sports Medicine Fellowship?

Jeffrey Cunningham, MD

“My wife and I are both from Tulsa, as are our families. We both wanted to end up practicing medicine in Tulsa when we completed our training. As a medical student I had the chance to work with Dr. Cavanagh in sports medicine during my family medicine rotation.  I was struck with how knowledgeable and skilled he was at sports medicine. When I decided to pursue primary care sports medicine, Tulsa was a perfect fit for me because of proximity to family and the opportunity to learn from Dr. Cavanagh.”

Jason Deck, MD

“I chose to come to Tulsa for my fellowship because it offered the most extensive sports experience of all the programs I considered.  Other places cover bigger name teams, but the reality is that those are just shadowing experiences, whereas here the fellow is usually the first contact physician.  The opportunity to travel with a division 1 football team is an experience unique to this fellowship, as is covering 2 division 1 schools less than 8 miles apart.  No place else has this much coverage in such a compact area.  I was rarely in my car for more than 20 minutes, meaning I spent less time driving and more time immersed in sports medicine.”

Eric Sandoval, MD

“This is by far one of the most hands on Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowships Nationwide.  Here you will experience exposure with high school, college, semi-pro and professional athletes.  The program faculty are experienced, balanced and attentive.  Here you will find all the necessary tools to become a highly competent primary care sports medicine physician wherever you plan to go.  The balance between freedom and supervision was always appropriate during my training year.  If I needed to go back in time to pick a fellowship program again, Oklahoma University at Tulsa would be my first option. The last thing, be prepared to have a fun time during your fellowship training.”

Todd Fowler, MD

I interviewed at 17 different Fellowship sites. This was before computer matching for Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowships. I picked Tulsa because of the Sports Medicine Fellowship doctors, the teams I would get to cover, and not having any other people to compete with during the fellowship. Most of the other fellowships had other fellows, ortho and primary care, working there and you weren’t always allowed to cover all the teams. I got accepted at other places, but I waited and got the call from my first choice; Tulsa!

Jon Schultz, MD

"I chose Tulsa for 2 reasons:  the people and the experience.  Great teachers, wonderful support staff, and outstanding sports medicine coverage opportunities.  I was extremely well prepared for the real world when I finished.  One of the best years of my medical career!!"