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Student Clerkship

Our students experience an 8-week Surgery Clerkship for medical students and physician’s assistants. During this time, the students have the opportunity to rotate for 2 weeks with the Vascular Surgery Department. Students experience clinical settings, in-patient settings, one day surgery, complex vascular cases, and weekly vascular conferences. The Vascular Surgery Division takes pride in accelerating and creating opportunities for students to advance their education and careers in any path the individual desires. 

Sub-I in Vascular Surgery

OU Vascular Surgery allows 4th year Medical Students to rotate on a Sub-I for 2-4 weeks. This opportunity is open to all OU and non-OU 4th year medical students. Though we do not currently have an integrated Vascular Residency program, we are dedicated to assisting all who seek to expand their vascular exposure. Please contact Micah Bolin if interested:


The Vascular Department also is proud to host two student organizations:

Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG) – In conjunction with our Surgical Interest Group, this organization provides curious students to learn about the wonders of vascular surgery. We delve into what it looks like to practice as a vascular surgeon, answer student questions and create opportunities to shadow in vascular surgery. In addition, we provide annual suturing courses with the students.

Vascular Research Interest Group (VRIG) - This organization and our vascular division meet to discuss ongoing and potential research opportunities within the OU Tulsa Surgery Department and community. This gives students the chance to work directly with our vascular team on research projects which have the potential to be presented at the local, regional, or national levels. 

Mentorship Program/Shadowing Opportunities

- The OU Vascular group offers a number of opportunities for students. This includes research, mentorship, and Sub-I’s.  
· Mentorship programs begin with MS1 and MS2 students. This includes
shadowing in the clinical settings, experience in the OR, and participating in educational conferences.
· A number of opportunities are available to participate in vascular surgery research projects.
· The team welcomes any student inquiry, so please reach out. We are interested in accelerating learning opportunities for our students, and take great pride in being part of the of their educational journey.

Please contact Kodi Yorman at or Dr. Kelly Kempe at for more information.