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5 Study Spots to Survive Dead Week at OU

5 Study Spots to Survive Dead Week at OU

Dead Week is in full swing at OU. Take your pick of these five campus study spots and get that cram session in amidst calm and comfort.

Today is Dec. 7, otherwise known as the kickoff to Dead Week at the University of Oklahoma. It's time to force close Netflix and grab the coffee and Tissues.

But fear not, because cramming paradises await in the cracks and corners of OU, and I'm here to make sure you know where to find them.

So take a deep breath, blast your perfect study playlist crafted just for finals, and head to these top five study spots on campus to ensure you beat Dead Week ― not the other way around.

1. Lissa and Cy Wagner Hall


This building, located just southeast of the Oklahoma Memorial Union, has recently been renovated to feature numerous mushy chairs, comfy couches and huge tables that are great for spreading your textbooks and notes onto. Another perk of study spot No. 1 is the U.C. Action Tutoring and Writing Center just up the stairs.

Action Tutoring offers aid in all subjects and the Writing Center makes essays the easiest assignments you’ll get all semester. Home to the University College, Wagner Hall isn't just a place where freshmen go to get advised and get out. The building's moderate foot traffic creates a lobby with the perfect amount of noise for everyone: quiet enough to study, but you’re not too scared to cough.

2. Couch Practice Center


We doubt most of you have even heard of this next study spot, but trust us, you’ll definitely want to.

The Couch Practice Center just opened at the beginning of this semester, so not many students know about the gems hidden inside. Placed in the bottom of Couch Tower, anyone with a Sooner Card can swipe in and study.

All of the tables are made out of white board material and you can find Expo markers everywhere. Hanging above each table are flat screen TVs with HDMI hookups so you can display your math worksheet or scare everyone with your selfies ― all in high definition.

The laid back environment of this modern space also makes it the greatest place for group study sessions, and there are even rooms available (one has an Apple TV!) to rent so you always have a secured seat.

And perhaps the coolest part of the Practice Center are the tucked-away treadmills with built-in desks. Adjustable heights and plenty of elbow room gets you walking while working, making you focused and most importantly, keeps you from falling asleep.


Evans Hall Basement


Evans Hall, found on the tip top of the North Oval, is a study haven in disguise. Home to President David L. Boren's office, students don't normally have a reason to actually enter this building. But instead of just admiring its gorgeous outside architecture, take a walk down to the basement where you'll find seclusion, vending machines and the always-needed cozy couch.


4. Physical Science Center


The dreaded Physical Science Center is usually seen as a place where students wither during their math classes. But if you make your way up to the second floor, you’ll find a spacious and comfortable seating area that is usually student free.

The best part of this study spot is its convenience to the Math Center. Walk down the hallway, swipe your card and get instant one-on-one help with those pesky logarithms or review for your calc final.


5. Sarkeys Energy Center


This last study spot is on the very northeast corner of campus, tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of Dead Week. Once you find your way through the maze that is Sarkeys, there is a beautiful prize waiting for you in the lower level: peace, quiet and, of course, coffee.

Although this isn’t the ideal spot for group work, there are lots of individual chairs and tables, which makes this the go-to place the Sunday night before finals start. Grab some espresso and a croissant (or two) from the Bedrock Cafe and cram cram cram.

Dead Week is stressful enough with the worries of memorizing vocab and scheduling room for sleep — which you should definitely make time for. Don't even attempt to study in your dorm (Trust us: You'll doze off in no time). Instead, pick one of these places, grab your coffee cup and go crush those finals.

You got this, Sooners.