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Extended Read Appointments

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Extended Read Appointments

Are you a graduate student or post-doc? Are you looking for help with a longer project?
Then an Extended Read appointment could be for you!

Note: Extended Read submissions are now closed for the Spring 2024 semester. They will reopen for summer on Monday, June 3, 2024 and close on Wednesday, July 24, 2024. The Writing Center will be closed on July 4th and Juneteenth, which may delay responses during those times.

About Extended Reads

Writers may submit up to ~3,000 words, or roughly 12 double-spaced pages. Extended Read appointments works best when the writer:

  • is as specific as possible when describing the assignment or project
  • gives detailed information about areas of concern within the project
  • asks specific questions they want the consultant to focus on

Our consultants may not be able to read the entire document, so providing specific areas for review ensures that you get the most relevant feedback possible.

Given the popularity of this service, each writer is limited to two (2) submissions per week.

Not sure what kinds of questions to ask? Here are some examples of strong, specific questions when submitting a request for an Extended Read appointment.

  • Citation Style: I am having trouble with maintaining consistency with APA style in this project. Could you help me make sure I am not missing any in-text citations and that the headings and formatting adhere to APA style?
  • Organization: I am concerned that my paragraphs are not well organized. Do they follow in an order that makes sense? Are there any places where my argument is not easy to follow?
  • Source Use/Research: We are required to use secondary sources for this assignment. How well am I integrating source material into my own arguments?
  • Genre Conventions: This is my first time writing a literature review. Am I meeting the expectations for this type of writing genre? Does this "look" and function like a literature review?

Graduate students, post-docs, and community writers whose projects may be longer than can be covered in our 25- or 45-minute sessions.

If you are an undergraduate and think your project would benefit from an Extended Read appointment, contact the Writing Center.

Similar to our other appointment types, Extended Reads are not available to serve as editing appointments. The Writing Center does not offer copy editing. Contact us for a list of local editors-for-hire if you are looking for final copy editing for a dissertation, thesis, or article.

Extended Reads are not available to help with your comprehensive or qualifying exams. For all disciplines except Human Relations, Writing Center consultants cannot help with comprehensive exams without written permission from the professor or committee chair. Academic integrity matters.

Extended Reads are good for:

  • Long papers or long sections of writing
  • Up to ~12 pages
  • Not meeting with a consultant
  • Addressing specific questions or concerns in the piece of writing
  • Projects due more than 5 business days away
  • Grad students, post-docs, and community writers

Extended Reads are not good for:

  • Tight timelines
  • An entire thesis or dissertation
  • Feedback that requires a conversation, such as not being sure what specific questions or concerns you have
  • Editing or proofreading (these aren't services we offer)

Interested in submitting for an Extended Read appointment?

  1. Fill out the Qualtrics form below.
  2. Be as specific as possible in the form! The more details you provide, the more targeted the feedback.
  3. Wait 3-5 business days.
  4. Receive an email response from a consultant with written feedback addressing your concerns.

Did you submit for an Extended Read but haven't received feedback? Email the main Writing Center email address at

Have questions or need additional resources?