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OU-Norman Faculty

  • Jennifer Barnes (Ph.D., Yale University), Assistant Professor, Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Ryan Brown (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin), Professor, Social Psychology
  • Mauricio Carvallo (Ph.D., State Univ. of NY at Buffalo), Associate Professor, Social Psychology
  • Jenel Cavazos (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma), Associate Professor, Social Psychology
  • Edward Cokely (Ph.D., Florida State University), Associate Professor, Cognitive Psychology
  • Shane Connelly (Ph.D., George Mason University), Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Luz-Eugenia Cox-Fuenzalida (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma), Associate Professor, Personality/Individual Differences
  • Eric Day (Ph.D., Texas A&M), Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Lauren Ethridge (Ph.D., University of Georgia), Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Kirby Gilliland (Northwestern University), Professor, Personality/Individual Differences
  • Scott Gronlund (Ph.D., Indiana University), Professor, Cognitive Psychology
  • Daniel Kimball (Ph.D., UCLA), Associate Professor, Cognitive Psychology
  • Taehun Lee (Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill), Assistant Professor, Quantitative Psychology
  • David Liu (Ph.D., University of Michigan), Assistant Professor, Cognitive Psychololgy & Neuroscience
  • Lara Mayeux (Ph.D., University of Connecticut), Associate Professor, Social & Developmental Psychology
  • Jorge Mendoza (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma), Professor and Chair, Quantitative & I/O Psychology
  • Michael Mumford (Ph.D., University of Georgia), Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Carolin Showers (Ph.D., University of Michigan), Professor, Social Psychology
  • Lori Snyder (Ph.D., Colorado State University), Associate Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Hairong Song (Ph.D., University of California Davis), Associate Professor, Quantitative Psychology
  • Robert Terry (Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill), Professor, Quantitative Psychology
  • Michael Wenger (Ph.D., State University of NY Binghamton), Professor, Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience

OU-Tulsa Faculty

  • Jennifer Kisamore (Ph.D., Univ. of South Florida), Associate Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Associate Dean of the Graduate College (OU-Tulsa)
  • Brigitte Steinheider (Ph.D.,Dresden University of Technology), Associate Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael Buckley (Ph.D., Auburn University), Professor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Nicole Campbell (Ph.D., Arizona State), Associate Professor, Social Psychology, Dean of University College
  • Robert Hamm (Ph.D., Harvard University), Professor, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, OU Health Sciences Center
  • Ziho Kang, (Ph.D., Purdue University), Assistant Professor, Cognitive & Human Factors
  • Randa Shehab, (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma), Professor, Cognitive & Human Factors
  • Harry Wright, Adjunct professor and clinician
  • Eugene Walker, Adjunct professor and clinician