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        • EDAH 5043 Introduction to Research in Adult and Higher Education. This course is an introduction to research methodology, covering qualitative and quantitative methodologies related to the field of Adult and Higher Education. Specifically, the course will focus on significant concepts and issues related to experimental designs, ex post facto studies, phenomenological research, and historiography; the role of theories and discovery of new information; the logic of research; the development of research problems; measurements; data collection; validity, reliability, and data trustworthiness; sampling and selection of cases; data analysis; and the mechanics of writing a research prospectus.

        • EDAH 5143 Leadership Development in Adult and Higher Education. This discussion-intensive course is designed to explore the conceptual, practical, and research aspects of leadership in a variety of organizational settings, including adult and higher education organizations, for-profit companies, governmental agencies, and social service organizations. Topics covered include theories of organization, the evolution of leadership and management theories (from X to Y to Z), applications of these theories and concepts in contemporary leadership situations, and leadership challenges for the future.

        • EDAH 5233 Research on the College Student. The course explores all critical research areas related to domestic and international college students enrolled in American higher education. Topics covered include student demographics, access, choice, persistence and degree attainment, college environments, cognitive and affective development, after-college effects, and student assessment. An understanding and knowledge of these topics is considered a precursor for those students interested in student personnel administration or for those interested in pursuing advanced research on the college student.

    • EDAH 5243 Financial Management in Higher Education. The course covers important aspects of finance in American higher education. Topics covered in include history of finance, politics of the budgetary process, state funding, student financial aid, internal budgeting, finance management, tuition pricing, costing, financial indicators, funding of private higher education, the "who-pays-and-who-benefits" question, and key financial terminology employed in higher education. Discussions of these topics are purposely more theoretical than hands-on and more focused at the national level than at the state or institutional levels.

    • EDAH 5253 Institutional Research in Higher Education. The primary aim of this course is to provide students with a general yet integrated knowledge of institutional research. Students are introduced to the concepts and practice of institutional research in a variety of settings, from community colleges to research universities. Class meetings cover the definitions and scope of institutional research; the uses of information; information retrieval systems, and institutional research perspectives on students, faculty and staff, facilities, capital and finance, environmental scanning, futures research, curriculum assessment, institutional assessment, and student assessment. For more information about the profession of institutional research, please visit the AIR website.

    • EDAH 5263 Planning in Higher Education. The intensive seminar focuses on varying definitions of planning, the benefits of planning, good and bad approaches to planning, ways to assess organizational readiness to plan, strategies to overcome stumbling blocks in planning, the importance and purpose of a mission statement, environmental scanning issues, the importance of writing a planning document, the role of leadership in planning, organizational theories, and ways to enhance the effectiveness of planning. Students are also exposed to relevant video presentations, role-playing simulation, and collabarative exercises.

    • EDAH 5373 Assessment in Adult and Higher Education. The course explores the definitions and practices of assessment in adult and higher education and introduces the student to the issues, complexities, and procedures related to assessing college students or adult learners in a training and development setting, financial issues in higher education or business and industry, college instructors or trainers in the T&D setting, academic programs or training programs, and institutional or organizational effectiveness.

    • EDAH 5940 Statewide Coordination and Governance. This course is designed to provide the students with a working understanding of the nation's statewide governing or coordinating structures. The course will cover the historical development of statewide systems, and the roles they play in policy making, decision making, finance, and other contemporary issues. This is an experimental class offered for the first time in Fall 2005.

    • EDAH 6970 Prospectus Development Seminar. This seminar provides doctoral students with the groundwork and forum for the development of their dissertation prospecti. Using intensive class interactions, students are introduced to issues related to research methodology, sampling, data collection techniques, and statistics; to ideas about possible research topics in their respective areas of interests; and to the mechanics of writing a dissertation prospectus.


    • HR 5033 Seminar in Leadership in Organizations. This course covers organizational theory and the evolution of leadership and management theories over time.

    • HR 5043 Seminar in Organizational Change and Development in Organizations. This course is an introduction the theories and practice of organizational change and development from an interdisciplinary approach.

    • HR 5113 Planning Issues in Organizations. This course covers theory and practice of strategic planning in a variety of organizational settings.

    • HR 5113 Cultural Diversity in Human Relations. This course covers critical diversity issues in various forms of organizations, with implications for problem solving and conflict resolution.

    • HR 5053 Cultural Diversity and Justice in Organizations. This course focuses on key dimensions of cultural diversity from a social justice perspective in various forms of organizations.

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