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The OU library system has several important databases which will help you find library resources for writing your papers. Please do not restrict yourself to just a physical library around you. As a graduate student, you should not have an excuse in not being able to find relevant library resources that you need to write your scholarly papers and to prepare for class using relevant peripheral readings. The most important first step you must take is to establish your OUNET ID. This ID will allow you to have special privileges, which include access to a free OU email account, the ability to enroll for classes online, the ability to check your grades and transcripts at any time, participation in Desire2Learn, and complete access to all the library's resources, including available full-text articles and books. More information about library usage is available here (AP students). The library has an online tutorial as well.

The following are the procedures you should follow:

To access the OU libraries on line, go to the OU libraries link.

  1. Go to the link for the OU libraries and then log in using your OUID and password.

    Then select "Resources" and "Databases & E-Reference Materials."

    Select the databases that you want. Some suggestions are below.

    JSTOR--This database has search capabilities and contains full-text articles from many journals on a moving 5-year wall. For EDAH students, you may be interested in the Journal of Higher Education, Journal of Negro Education, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Sociology of Education, and the Journal of Educational Sociology.

    Project Muse--This database has search capabilities and contains full-text articles from journals in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. For EDAH students, you may be interested in Review of Higher Education, Journal of College Student Development, and the Journal of General Education.

    EBSCO--This has many databases and search engines of interest to EDAH students. Check out ERIC, ProQuest, and the Professional Development collection (such as Research in Higher Education,Journal of Higher Education, New Directions for Community Colleges, New Directions for Higher Education, New Directions for Institutional Research, New Directions for Student Services, New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Journal of College Admission, ).

    FirstSearch--This is by far the most important search engine. It has many databases of particular interest to you, which include Article1st, Diss (Dissertations from 1861), ECO (full-text articles from 400 journals), ERIC (the major education database from 1966), E*Subscribe (full-text ERIC documents from 1993), WorldCat, and PsycINFO (psychology and related disciplines, journals, books, and chapters from 1887).

  2. As you can see, there are tons of scholarly materials available for your use. You do not have an excuse anymore about not having access to good library materials in order to write your papers.

    Special Note: All students are advised to familiarize themselves with the OU Academic Misconduct Code, particularly on matters related to cheating and plagiarism. All acts of misconduct are considered serious and will be dealt with promptly.

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