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The University of Oklahoma Joins The SEC July 1 2024


It's not just about sports—it's about academic excellence reaching new heights. As part of the SEC, OU’s life-changing purpose will shine to even more, attracting the brightest minds to some of the nation’s top-ranked programs.

Today, the spotlight gets a little bigger, but there's still only one Oklahoma.

Seed Sower statue on OU campus in Norman, Oklahoma in front of fall mums.

Boosting Oklahoma’s Economy

OU’s inclusion in the SEC not only enhances its academic reputation, aligning the University with other prestigious institutions, but also boosts Oklahoma’s economy. Our state will benefit from the more than $104.5 billion all 16 SEC institutions drive into their individual state economies.

Cutting-Edge Research

SEC institutions have invested more than $8 billion into research and development. Access to increased funding and collaboration will build on the University’s already $386 million in research awards, driving OU’s innovation and breakthroughs in diverse fields.


The SEC's 16 member institutions are creating premier academic experiences while leading economic growth and innovation in their respective states. Each university is educating and preparing tomorrow’s leaders while enhancing the nation’s skilled workforce.

Leadership Development

SEC’s resources, including programs like the SEC Academic Leadership Development Program, bolster OU's strong tradition of academic leadership and prepare the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Global Opportunities

Students have access to a broader array of education abroad programs, expanding their global perspectives and enhancing their academic experiences. The SEC Education Abroad Focus ensures OU students gain valuable international exposure and cultural competence.

Collaborative Excellence

Collaboration across SEC universities will open doors to interdisciplinary research, shared resources, and innovative teaching methods. Programs like the SEC Faculty Travel Program and the SEC Emerging Scholars initiative will enrich the academic environment for both faculty and students, fostering a culture of innovation and shared learning.

OU Cheerleaders perform in stage in front of a screen that reads OU x SEC.
Photo Gallery


July 03, 2024

July 1, 2024 marked a historic day for Oklahoma's athletic programs that will impact the school's various athletic teams for years to come. After a 30-year stint in the Big 12 spanning from 1994-2024, OU is officially a member of the SEC.


Conversations with the President: OU X SEC

July 03, 2024

President Joseph Harroz Jr. is joined by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and OU Athletics Director Joe Castiglione to discuss OU's introduction into the SEC and what that means for this next step in the University's history.

Attendees watch drones show off the OU and SEC logos in the night sky.
Campus & Community

OU Celebrates Entrance Into Southeastern Conference

July 02, 2024

Events celebrating the University of Oklahoma’s first day as a member of the Southeastern Conference drew thousands of attendees from across the nation.

From the President

Sooner Magic will shine even brighter in the SEC

June 30, 2024

Oklahoma will wake up in SEC Country. July 1, 2024, marks a new chapter in the University of Oklahoma’s 133-year-old story as we celebrate our inaugural day in the Southeastern Conference.


Begin your journey with the OU Family today.

There's Only One Oklahoma

For over 130 years, the University of Oklahoma continues to stand apart as a beacon of diverse thinking and unbound exploration. By channeling the strengths of the many, here one is empowered to work in any way, become anything, and arrive anywhere.

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