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Native American Studies

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Native American Studies

Native American Studies

Program Description

Since 1994, a vibrant and growing Native American Studies program has attracted and served students of diverse backgrounds and academic interests who are committed to using distinctly Native American perspectives to place the sovereignty of Native nations and the cultures of Native peoples at the center of academic study.  Our enrollment has increased by 84% since our elevation to a fully-fledged department in 2015.  

The Native American Studies curriculum currently supports intensive study in three interrelated areas of emphasis that are synthetic and interdisciplinary in nature:  Tribal Governance and Policy; Indigenous Media and Arts; and Language, Cultural Knowledge and History.  
The curriculum is, at the same time, focused and flexible.  Students are encouraged to combine areas of emphasis according to their own scholarly and professional goals.  

Native American Studies has awarded over 200 degrees; NAS alumni have distinguished themselves in a wide range of careers in areas such as: tribal government, law, health policy, filmmaking and media, historic preservation, language revitalization, and education.

Degree Options

University of Oklahoma College of Arts & Sciences


Department of Native American Studies

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