Contemporary Issues in Biology, BIOL 1003

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Welcome to Contemporary Issues in Biology, BIOL 1003!
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This course satisfies a general education requirement for natural science, and it is intended for non-biology majors. Students in this class do not need to have any previous knowledge of biology. The textbook we use is written for students who know little about biology but who want to learn a little about the many biological issues that face our society. Some of the topics we cover include biodiversity, cancer, diet, evolution, environmental issues, and genetics. Our goal is that after participation in this class students will understand the scientific process, be improved writers, and be able to critically read science-based new stories.

Note: Students majoring in biology, microbiology, plant biology, or zoology cannot receive major credit for this course. Students who have successfully completed a different introductory course in BIOL, BOT/PBIO, MBIO, or ZOO will not be allowed to enroll.

After week 1 (orientation), each week's assignments will follow a similar pattern. The details of the writing assignments will vary each week, but the due dates will be the same. Click on the weekly schedule to get started! (All times are listed as central standard time.)

Here are some other resources that might help you along the way:

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