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Your grades on some components of this course are based on gradebook self-declarations; you are responsible for completing your self-declaration quizzes yourself in Desire2Learn (see the Grading Policies page for more information). You will be doing this based on an Honor Code, which means you will honestly represent your efforts when you report your work at Desire2Learn.

I will monitor the Desire2Learn gradebook, checking entries for accuracy. So, please do not falsely report that you have completed an assignment fully and on time. If you have any doubts about any Desire2Learn gradebook declaration, please email your instructor at the time that you post your grade.

If you violate the Honor Code by falsely claiming credit for work that you did not complete, or did not complete on time, I reserve the right to lower your final grade in the class by one letter grade for each violation. I also reserve the right to report the incident as a case of academic misconduct.

In addition, this Honor Code requires that you must not commit any form of plagiarism in completing any assignment. Be aware that your instructor uses Turnitin.com (plagiarism detection software) throughout the semester to check if you have copied text from other students or from the internet.

If you have any questions about plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct, please consult the university code concerning Academic Misconduct and/or email your instructor. In addition, the plagiarism assignment you complete(d) during week 1 has links to several helpful websites.

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