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Study Abroad and Away

Students on study abroad in Puebla, Mexico.

Study Abroad and Away

In the College of International Studies, we bring the world to our students – but we also encourage our students to explore the world. Study abroad and away programs offer a learning experience that can't be replicated in a classroom: one of engaging with new cultures, grappling with diverse perspectives, stepping outside of your comfort zone and truly growing as a person and global citizen. Over 30% of OU students engage with global opportunities all over the world each year, and through scholarships and unique program offerings, CIS does everything we can to make this life-changing opportunity possible for our students.

Study Abroad Options

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International Study Centers

OU's International Study Centers in Italy and Mexico offer classes with OU professors and housing with other OU students, plus excursions and service activities that helps you connect with local people and culture.

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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led programs are designed so that you can take OU courses with OU professors while traveling around the world with other OU students.

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Partner Universities

Partner University programs allow you to pay OU tuition and fees while taking the classes you need at the university you want when studying abroad!

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Partner Providers

Partner Provider programs are facilitated by approved providers and offer a variety of academic courses, internship opportunities and experiences!

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Study Abroad with CIS: 2024 Faculty-Led Program


Politics and Culture in Ghana

July 1-17, 2024

Program Leaders: Dr. Natalie Letsa, CIS and Dr. Kalenda Eaton, African and African American Studies

Explore some of West Africa's most vibrant cities and beautiful scenery while engaging with locals and learning about Ghanaian culture.


  • Visit many of the biggest attractions in Ghana such as Elmina Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, and Aburi Botanical Gardens
  • Explore local markets and enjoy West African cuisine
  • Observe the political scene as Ghanaians prepare for the upcoming presidential election
  • Connect with locals through service activities and conversation
  • Enjoy Ghana's beautiful beaches and forests 


  • AFAM 2113: Africa and the Diaspora
    • Taught by Dr. Kalenda Eaton
    • Gen Ed: World Culture
    • 3 Credit Hours
  • IAS 3793: African Politics and Society: Ghanaian Politics in the Run-up to a National Election
    • Taught by Dr. Natalie Letsa
    • Gen Ed: World Culture
    • 3 Credit Hours

Study Away with CIS: The U.S. and the World

The U.S. and the World: A Spring Break Experience in Washington, D.C. (Scholarships Available!)

The College of International Studies is offering a spring break experience in Washington, D.C., "The U.S. and the World," for international studies majors, minors and students interested in international relations. We will visit think tanks, nonprofits, embassies, media outlets and government agencies to learn more about careers in government and international relations.

March 17-22, 2024


  • Dr. Rachel Schwartz, Assistant Professor of International & Area Studies
  • Jennifer Grover, Coordinator, M.A. in International Relations

Program fee: $1480 (airfare and personal expenses not included)

$750 scholarships are available. You can reserve your spot for the trip by registering at the link below. Questions? Email Dr. Schwartz at

DEADLINE: February 1, 2024

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Study Abroad Scholarships

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