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Fine Arts Math Policy

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Math Policy

The Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts requires that all declared fine arts students complete their college level math course within the first four semesters of enrollment at OU. Transfer students or newly declared fine arts majors who have not completed their college level math requirement will have two semesters in which to complete the requirement. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be restricted from upper division fine arts courses except by permission of their Director and the Dean.


Approved by Fine Arts Council 05/05/2003


Math Deficient from High School:

Students who are math deficient from high school must, by State Regents policy, be enrolled in a remedial math course every semester until the deficiency has been remediated. Successful completion of DMAT 0123 will remove the deficiency. The student must still complete a college level math course after DMAT 0123.



If a student has not taken the math placement exam, “Math-determined by placement exam” should be listed on the advisement form.


Math Placement Exam:

To enroll in math at OU, students must first take the math placement assessment.  The assessment determines the math skills remembered from high school and places them into a course accordingly. The assessment will test them over material from basic math skills to calculus. The Assessment Center will give the student override permissions for the highest level of math the student can place into, as well everything below it. This does not mean that the student must take MATH 1523 (Elementary Functions) or MATH 1823 (Calculus and Analytical Geometry I) if that is where they place. The student should be told to consult with his/her academic advisor to discuss the math course requirement(s) for their degree.

* Students have three attempts to take the assessment.  All attempts will be proctored.

* At the end of the assessment, the student will receive their score as well as a detailed description of their math strengths and areas to improve within the ALEKS learning module.

* Students will not be able to retest until they have spent at least five hours practicing in the learning module.

* All placement test results will expire 12 months from the day the student takes the first attempt.

* More information and FAQs can be found at the Assessment Center website;

* Students who need only one college level math course generally select one of the following courses, but can take a higher level course if they so choose:

MATH 1473 Math for Critical Thinking

COMM 2513 Intro to Statistics

PHIL 1113 Intro to Logic

PSY 2003 Understanding Statistics

Assessment Center: Wagner Hall 270, 325-4336.