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Creating a Degree Plan

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Creating a Degree Plan

The best way to reach a goal is to make a great plan! Mapping a degree path is an important task for every student. Students should consult with their academic advisors to create a plan for degree completion and to monitor it regularly. Consideration of opportunities, such as Study Abroadinternshipsundergraduate research, is important when constructing a plan. Each degree plan at OU has a corresponding check sheet which outlines requirements to complete the degree. In addition, thoughtfully constructed semester by semester plans are included on the degree check sheets to help guide students in course selection in a four or five-year timeframe, depending on the requirements. View them at the OU Course Catalog

In order to complete a degree in a timely way, it is critical for students to hit mapped out milestones. We encourage students to finish 15 hours each full term. By completing at least 15 hours each fall and spring semester or 30 hours each academic year, a student can graduate in four years in a majority of OU degree programs. Taking just one class every summer allows many students to graduate one semester sooner than planned or minimizes the impact of having to drop or repeat a course.

Finding a major early in a college journey is important. There are many resources available to help students choose a major and/or minor, including: taking assessments, meeting with an major and career exploration expert to review the results and discuss options, and even meeting with an academic advisor to create your own degree program.

The Center for Major and Career Exploration provides free one-to-one major and career coaching. 

Students can also visit the Career Center to talk with a staff member and check out resources on the majors and occupations they find interesting. The What Can I Do With This Major? website can help to translate OU coursework to a career path.

Students meet with their academic advisors to create a plan for graduation. Advisors are experts in degree program requirements and can provide valuable advice and information about getting the most out of an OU experience! Most students have access to scheduling advisement appointments through Find out more about Academic Advising at OU by visiting hosted by the Academic Advising Resource Center.

A minor is coursework in a second field of study. This minor becomes a secondary and optional area of interest for depth of study. It can be closely related to the major to serve as a support area, or it can be unrelated to the major choice. Upon graduation, the student's official transcript will reflect completion of their major and their minor. A minor is NOT a degree. A student cannot "earn" a minor without also successfully completing all general education requirements and major requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

There are college-based limits on who may pursue minors within colleges; check the college information carefully and consult with college advisors regarding questions.

Most minors here at the University of Oklahoma require 18 - 24 hours of coursework; each college sets particular parameters on which students may pursue minors within the college and which courses can be counted towards fulfilling minor requirements.

Successful completion of a minor is noted on the student's final transcript. Anyone reviewing this transcript will see the array of courses taken that led to this minor. The transcript will reflect someone who makes careful use of his or her educational experience to gain additional expertise.