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As a graduate student at OU, you have the opportunity to work with two colleges within the university - the college that administers your chosen graduate program and the Graduate College.

Dean Randy Hewes, Senior Associate Dean Sherri Irvin, Associate Dean Liz Karr, and the Graduate College staff advocate for and are committed to excellence in all aspects of your graduate experience, including:

  • Inclusive excellence
  • The admission process
  • Academic degree milestones
  • Oversight of degree programs
  • Administrative procedures
  • Professional development
  • Data collection 

We Support You, the Graduate Scholar

In addition to support from your academic program unit, the Graduate College offers an exceptional range of support and services to assist you, the graduate scholar. Some of those services are explained below.

Admissions Services

During the application process, an admissions counselor will be the contact for your proposed graduate program. The counselor will answer your questions about the application process, evaluate transcripts, monitor the receipt of your application materials, and prepare your decision offer letter.

Academic Services

Upon your admission to OU, a graduate degree management specialist from the Graduate College will be assigned to you based on your program. The counselor will review and process all required forms, evaluate potential transfer credit, and monitor the benchmarks for your graduate program. Your academic counselor can also assist you if any procedural concerns arise.

Coaching, Retention, and Professional Development

Senior Associate Dean Sherri Irvin and Associate Dean Liz Karr assist with the following:

  • Offering support and mediation for faculty and students about student-faculty mentoring relations
  • Overseeing graduate student academic appeals involving grades for practicums, non-thesis/general exams, and thesis/dissertation defense results
  • Recommending inclusive strategies in the classroom
  • Organizing professional development workshops

English Training and Certification Services (ETCS)

ETCS offers standardized testing services to certify the appropriate English capacity for international graduate students serving in instructional positions at OU. ETCS also provides free support and training opportunities to prepare for first-time English certification, to obtain a higher level of certification, or to assist with English teaching speech and communication development.

Funding and Awards

The Graduate College provides funding opportunities for students who present at a conference, conduct research, or attend a prestigious training or class not offered at OU. They also manage tuition waivers for graduate research and teaching assistants.

Graduate Student Life (GSL) Center and Programs

The GSL Center is a comfortable place for graduate students to work, relax, and reset. All graduate students have the opportunity to attend GSL's social, academic, and professional development events and make valuable connections with colleagues from other disciplines across campus.