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New Patients

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1.     Set up a HealthConnection account.

Go to Health Connection:  Click register. After you are registered, skip to step 2.

PLEASE NOTE: Dependent accounts must have separate emails from other family members for easiest use of the system. You will need to obtain a dependent’s ID # by calling and talking with an appointment specialist at 405-325-4441.

Troubleshooting (click here for help registering)

  • If you get an error that an account already exists, reset your password.
  • If you get an error that we have no record of you in our database, please call (405) 325-4441 so that we may set up an account for you.
  • To get your username or password reset: click Login, use the reset password link. You will receive an email that contains your set username and a link to create a new password. 

If you do not receive an email within an hour of resetting your password or registering, call the appointment line for assistance (405) 325-4441.

2.     Once you are logged in, you will have 4 forms to complete.

Click on the Forms Tab and complete the following: 

  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of NPP
  • Communication Preference
  • Consent for Treatment, Payment and Operations
  • Patient Database

3.     Click on the Insurance tab and enter your information.

If you do not have insurance or do not provide your insurance card, all charges will be sent to your bursar account. 

 Finished!  You are done once you have submitted all your forms and update your insurance, if applicable. Please read to What to expect at your appointment and check-in.

What to expect at your appointment and check-in.

In Person Appointments:

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment so that may ensure all paperwork is complete and your account is updated.  If you have don't have covid-like symptoms, you should enter through the front of the building off of Elm Street.  If you have any covid symptoms, please use the south entrance by the ramp.

Telehealth Appointment:

Please be ready for a telephone call from your medical assistant 5-15 minutes before your appointment time. The medical assistant will give you instructions on how to connect with your provider through Zoom- either by sending you a link by email or giving you a Meeting ID and passcode. If all patient paperwork is not complete prior to your appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled, and a no-show charge will be assessed.