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Alcohol & Other Drugs Programming

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Comprehensive Alcohol & Other Drugs Program

The University of Oklahoma's Comprehensive Alcohol & Other Drug Program is designed around four guiding principles: Education, Environmental Management, Enforcement and Counseling Services.  Our goal is to provide OU students, as responsible adults, with information on how to be safe through campus-wide programming, specific programs for individuals with higher-risk behaviors and interventions for individuals exhibiting problematic behaviors.

The Comprehensive Alcohol & Other Drugs Program requires participation in both an online and in-person tailored alcohol awareness program for all OU students age 22 and under (this includes transfer students new to the university). In addition, new member education is required for all students who would like to join a student organization or become a member of Greek Life.

These trainings are designed to inform new OU students of university alcohol policy, applied scenarios that students may encounter, and alcohol and other drugs statistics so they make informed, healthy choices. Even if you do not personally drink or consume other drugs you need to know university policy and how to help if you encounter others with problematic drug behaviors.

ONLINE houses the online alcohol awareness course, which is accessible upon receipt of a student's login credentials (4x4 and password) and must be completed by the fourth Friday of the first semester to avoid registration holds for subsequent terms.  In addition to alcohol policy information, applied scenarios and useful statistics, OU Students Affairs provides supportive messages encouraging students to make smart decisions related to alcohol.


All first-year Residence Hall, Residential College and Commuter students are required to attend the in-person sessions which take place during Camp Crimson*. All sessions are facilitated by trained Peer Educators who are very excited to provide First-Year Students with updated, useful information on ways to make smarter and safer decisions when it comes to alcohol and other drugs consumption. New Spring admits are also required to complete alcohol and other drugs education, which takes place during the first two weeks of the semester.

*New admit Athletes are required to complete alcohol education through the Athletics Department.

Students living in "dry" environments experience fewer negative second-hand effects of alcohol use and are less likely to engage in high-risk drinking (NIAAA, 2002). OU requires that all campus housing be substance-free, including residence halls and fraternity and sorority houses. Several groups, including Community Service Officers (CSOs), the OUPD and Student Conduct representatives, work together to ensure compliance by students and student organizations. 

In addition to greater structure for university organizations when planned events involve alcohol, student groups are only allowed to host functions where alcohol is served on Friday or Saturday nights, and they must arrange designated drivers or public transportation prior to the event. Unregulated summer recruitment activities are strictly prohibited, and student groups must submit an annual plan for sponsored events where alcohol is served. Students can report to the Alcohol and Hazing Hotline possible policy violations such as hazing, alcohol and other drugs abuse, or misconduct: 405-325-5000, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week

SafeRide was created to discourage drinking and driving and provides safe transportation to OU students within the Norman city limits with no questions asked. Each student may request free, on-demand taxi SafeRides each weekend of operation.  This app-based cab service operates Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. 

SafeWalk is a free service utilizing screened and OUPD-approved resident advisers to accompany any member of the university community, including visitors, anywhere on campus when they call (405) 325-WALK. Escorts are readily identifiable by special shirts, coats and badges and serve from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m., 7-days a week.

Strike One Violations & Policy

OU’s Alcohol Policy includes a Three Strikes system. A first violation, or Strike One, of OU’s Alcohol Policy will result in the initiation of disciplinary action for violations under the Student Conduct Code. Possessing, using, providing, manufacturing, distributing, or selling alcoholic beverages on or off campus is in violation of law or University policies and can result in one or more of the following: Parental notification, community service, educational programs and fines. Subsequent violations may result in suspension from the University.

One such educational program is the Strike One session, which is based on Motivational Interviewing principles and is facilitated by the Health Promotion department at a cost of $25 per session. This collaborative, person-centered discussion elicits and strengthens motivation for health behavior change and allows students to share any related concerns they may have. Students needing to schedule a Student Conduct-mandated Strike One session should click on the following link: online session scheduling form. Note - this electronic form is only for Strike One violations. Students are also free to call or email the CAODP to initiate contact to schedule a Strike One session. The CAODP will then follow-up with the student to verify the session date, time, and location.

Strike Two Violations

A second Alcohol Policy violation under the Student Conduct Code can result in parental notification, community service, educational programs and fines and subsequent violations may result in suspension from the University. Among the education programs are Strike Two sessions which are facilitated by licensed Counselors. Details of required disciplinary actions will be provided to the student by Student Conduct. These interventions are structured to educate students about the effects of alcohol on their behavior and to support the development of effective coping skills so students can make informed decisions and reduce their alcohol-related risk and harm.  

To schedule a Student Conduct-mandated Strike Two session with a Licensed Professional Counselor or to self-refer for non-mandatory counseling services, please call the University Counseling Center (405) 325-2911.

Strike Three Violations

A Strike Three results in an automatic suspension followed by a Parent/Guardian notification via return receipt certified mail with a follow-up telephone call. The Student Conduct office will provide the student with suspension details.

Students experiencing problematic substance use are encouraged to seek assessment, screening, and individual & group services at the University Counseling Center (UCC). The UCC Staff includes Licensed Professional Counselors with substance use counseling experience for both voluntary and mandatory visits. 

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Having all of the facts, regardless of drinking and other drug stance, will allow for educated decisions that will keep OU students safer and help the community!