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Counseling Services for Alcohol Use Disorders

Harmful and underage drinking remains a major problem on U.S. campuses, despite the effort to address them. While some see college drinking as an expected, and an even harmless rite of passage, the results are often adverse consequences for the student, his/her family and their schools.    

Alcohol and College Campuses

Substance use and misuse can adversely affect a student’s life, leading to the following personal and often life damaging consequences:   

  • Academic fallout: Poor academic performance, withdrawal from courses, dropping out and diminished employment prospect
  • Health concerns: Increased tolerance, insomnia and other sleep related issues
  • Acute risks: Arrests for driving under the influence, public intoxication, increased assaults/fights and unsafe sex and accidental overdoses and death

To minimize alcohol misuse and abuse, the University of Oklahoma has adopted a mandatory, ”3 Strikes” policy.  A “strike” is the University’s official recognition of a student's or organization’s violation of the University’s alcohol policy.  The first alcohol violation will result in parent/guardian notification and alcohol education. A second offense will also automatically carry parent/guardian notification, but will also include counseling and community service. These interventions are structured to educate students about the effects of alcohol on their behavior and to support the development of effective coping skills. Students are responsible for the choices they make and our goal is to support the student in making informed decisions and healthy choices regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.  

The University Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services to students who are currently enrolled or pre-enrolled at the University of Oklahoma. Faculty and staff may also utilize these services. Individuals may self-refer and schedule their own appointment or may be referred by someone on campus. Each individual is assessed to determine the level of severity of his/her substance use disorder and an appropriate plan for care. Occasionally, a referral to a more intensive level of care is required, (intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and/or inpatient care).

To schedule a Strike Two appointment with our Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor or to self refer for non-mandatory counseling services, please call the University Counseling Center, (405) 325-2911.