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Feeling a little stressed? This interactive, hands-on relaxation session may be the remedy. During our most popular presentation, participants will become aware of how to identifyprevent and manage stress. We will go over a number of techniques including: aromatherapy, deep breathing, massage and progressive muscle relaxation. This presentation emphasizes the importance of sleep and will provide tips for getting a better night's rest. We will also discuss how to organize time more efficiently and will provide tips for meeting deadlines, having more free time and leading a more balanced life. Feel free to use one of the downloads below to better organize your day and week!


Just as the title indicates, this jam-packed presentation covers the basics of health and concentrates on finding a balance with a busy lifestyle. This presentation will cover a wide range of topics from nutrition and fitness to scheduling important check-ups with a doctor. This presentation can also be tailored to suit the needs of the audience.

Sexperts is a health program previously led by the OU Gender + Equality Center. Beginning the 2018-2019 school year, it will be partnered with OU Health Services.

Sexperts is a peer education program in which students complete two days of training on safer sex education. Our safer sex educators present in residence halls, classrooms and fraternities/sororities. They have a one hour presentation that covers the facts of STD’s and pregnancy prevention in a game-show style format.

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The PERIOD presentation is developed by The Menstrual Movement. This is a "unique one-hour educational workshop. The workshop cover the basics of the menstrual cycle, how to use and care for cloth pads and menstrual cups, the benefits of reusable menstrual products, and product distribution. Workshops are open to everyone and anyone regardless of age, sex, gender, or menstruating status." 

We ask that any organization or department requesting this presentation to please consider donating menstrual products to the OU Food Pantry

Learn more about The Menstrual Movement


Healthy eating during college... Is it possible? Many students face the challenge of eating well with a busy life and limited funds. In this popular presentation, our in-house dietition will tackle a variety of areas such as eating healthy on a budget, eating regularly, healthy fast food choices, basic tips for selecting nutritious meals, and more!


Sleep deprivation and feeling refreshed aren’t challenges only students face. Our need for good sleep is more important and difficult than ever. In this presentation we confront the obstacles of getting enough sleep, and how to make our sleep better than ever. You'll have the opportunity to take a sleep survey and learn how sleep affects all areas of your life. 

The Generation Rx University resources were created by college students, for college students, to help prevent prescription drug misuse on college campuses. These materials are designed for use in courses, student orientation, residence halls, Greek life, recreational sports, student organizations, or any other venue where college students live and learn.