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Internal Support and Seed Funding

Internal Support and Seed Funding

The University of Oklahoma provides several avenues for internal support and seed funding, both within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships (OVPRP) and across campus. The dropdown tabs include links to OVPRP supported programs, with program descriptions and links to program pages.  

The Big Idea Challenge (BIC)

The Big Idea Challenge at the University of Oklahoma encourages the formation of transdisciplinary, convergent research teams focused on solving global grand challenges. BIC is designed to help nucleate teams and ideas and create opportunities for new and significant external funding that will position OU as a national and global leader in the areas of inquiry proposed, charting new pathways to discoveries, innovations, and social and policy solutions, while training the next generation of future interdisciplinary talent.

Program Information

Strategic Equipment Investment Program (SEIP)

The Strategic Equipment Investment Program (SEIP) is administered by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships. Awards from the SEIP can be used to support the purchase of all types of equipment, ranging from scientific to creative arts. The SEIP provides funding on a competitive basis for the purchase of truly strategic equipment that will have significant impact on enhancing a team’s capabilities and competitiveness in research and/or creative activities at a national level. The expectation is that acquiring the proposed equipment will provide new opportunities for advancing the team’s ability to achieve new goals in terms of creativity, discovery, innovation, and securing external funding. 

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VPRP Match Program: Support of Postdoctoral Researchers to Stimulate Research and Creative Activities

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships (OVPRP) invites applications for a new matching funds program to stimulate and enhance OU research and creative activity efforts through partial support for a postdoctoral researcher position on externally funded grants.  For successful applicants, the OVPRP will provide 25% of the postdoctoral researcher's salary and fringe benefits for a one-year time period provided that such a position was budgeted for in an external grant application that in FY23 (i) was awarded, (ii) is currently pending or (iii) is planned. The matching funds are expected to help drive enhanced project outcomes and increase the numbers of postdocs at OU. The VPRP match is valid only if the external grant is awarded.

Program Information

Significant Impact Research Grant Program

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships (OVPRP) is inviting applications for a research stimulus program that is intended to incentivize and support lead Principal Investigators (PIs) in their efforts to prepare and submit significant impact, often large-scale, grant applications to a broad array of extramural funding agencies. In the context of this program, "significant impact" is defined as a complex innovative collaborative research or creative activities proposal focused on tackling the most challenging problems at a national scale, e.g., a center or institute type of proposal that helps builds capacity and reputation for the university.  The long-term benefits of successfully competing for such an external large-scale grant funding opportunity are expected to significantly advance OU's national reputation in one or more research or creative activity areas that align with the university's Lead On strategic plan.

To incentivize lead PIs to step forward and spearhead such efforts, the OVPRP will provide funds to cover a teaching release for the lead PI for one course in the semester of (or leading up to) the grant submission deadline. It is expected that release from teaching will allow the lead PI to devote the necessary time and effort in advance of the deadline to prepare a strong and highly competitive grant application. The OVPRP in conjunction with the Center of Faculty Excellence will work closely with the selected awardees in providing additional grant preparation and writing support. 

Program Information

Bridge Funding Investment Program

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships (OVPRP) is inviting applications for a research investment program intended to support faculty with an established track record of extramural funding who experience or anticipate experiencing a temporary disruption of external funding that, without VPRP support, will have a substantial adverse impact on the long-term viability of their research program. The purpose of the Bridge Funding Investment Program (BFIP) is to ensure the continuation of research projects that have the highest likelihood of restoring external funding to Principal Investigators (PIs) and align with the Strategic Research Framework (PDF). By definition, the bridge funding must connect a previous (expired or soon to expire) grant award with a new expected grant award.

Program Information

Initiative for the Humanities and Arts in Society Seed Grant Program

The Initiative for the Humanities and Arts in Society (IHAS) Seed Grant Program aims to accelerate research and creative activity of tenured or tenure-track faculty on the OU Norman and Tulsa (Norman Campus programs) campuses in the humanities and arts through convergent and collaborative projects addressing the grand challenges. Some areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the medical humanities; ethics and technology; data and the definition of the human; disparities and security; and culture, energy, and environment.

Program Information

Faculty Recognition Investment Program

By offering modest financial incentives to faculty in recognition of their research accomplishments, our aim is to cultivate an environment that promotes research excellence and sustained growth. This incentive program aligns with the Lead On Strategic Plan (P1S1T4, P1S3T5, P5S1T1, P5S5T8) by encouraging cutting-edge discoveries and patents, as well as high impact publications, performances, and art, all of which contribute to the institution's reputation and standing in the global academic community. Ultimately, monetary incentives can serve as one of many strategic tools to attract and retain top-tier talent, thereby positioning the institution at the forefront of academic excellence and industry collaboration.

Program Information

Faculty Investment Program (FIP)

The Faculty Investment Program provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly, i.e., research and creative, activities of Norman campus faculty, including faculty associated with Norman campus programs at OU-Tulsa. Program Information

Junior Faculty Fellowship Program (JFF)
The Junior Faculty Fellowship Program is designed to help new tenure-track faculty members establish their research/creative activity and make progress to tenure by providing support in areas critical to the development of their programs. The awards can be used as summer (June and July) stipends to enable faculty members to carry out full-time research and scholarly activity during that period. However, the awards are not limited to summer stipends, and faculty members are urged to utilize the awards to provide maximum benefit to their research programs. This might include supplies, equipment, personnel, and travel. Program Information

Other Research Council Information

Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship Program (AHFF)

The purpose of the AHFF program, administered by the Arts and Humanities Forum, is to support dynamic and innovative research and creative activity projects proposed by regular faculty in the arts, fine arts, and humanities by providing them the opportunity to focus on a scholarly and/or creative activity that significantly transforms the faculty member’s research program and makes notable contributions to the field. Program Information

For information about other resources, please visit the Arts and Humanities Forum.

Research Publication Subvention Funding

The publication of faculty scholarship by academically respected presses, scholarly journals, and multimedia venues is among the most important and valuable contributions of a comprehensive research university. In some cases, following a rigorous peer review that recommends publication, subvention funding is required to meet the total costs of typesetting, printing, editing, translation, cover art, recording, mixing, and distribution, with costs typically ranging from $2,000-$6,000. Additionally, many publications require funding for page charges. More recently, open access publishing now encompasses journals, book chapters, and even monographs. Open access increases the visibility, readership, and impact of an author's works, democratizing access across all institutions, regardless of size or budget. Although access to users is free, the cost of such publication typically falls to the author or the associated institution in the form of fees and/or subsidies.

The Research Publication Subvention Funding program provides funding to help ensure that all peer-reviewed scholarly work produced at OU is formally published. The administration of this program is now within the University Libraries, as an addition to the existing open access program. For more information about program guidelines and the internal application process, contact Karen Rupp-Serrano at

Norman Campus – Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships (OVPRP)


The Faculty Travel Assistance Program (FTAP), operated by the Norman campus Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships, provides regular faculty (as defined in the Faculty Handbook Section 3.1.1) with funds to help defray the cost of domestic and international travel for professional meetings (e.g., to present a paper, organize and/or chair a session, networking) or to support the development of new or expanded research programs (e.g., by visiting with potential collaborators, agency, or other funding organization officials, or to conduct research). FTAP operates by reimbursing funds following approved travel requests by the OVPRP.

Procedures for Applying

NOTE: All FY24 FTAP awards have been met and FY24 applications are now closed. Please check back in July to see when applications will be accepted for FY25 awards.

To request FTAP funds, faculty should submit the Request for Travel Funds form to; instructions are provided with the form as well. 

Last Revised: Summer 2023

In addition to internal support through the OVPRP, there are several internal funding programs across campus that may help in supporting your research endeavors. Some other internal resources to consider are those offered through the Office of the Senior Vice President & Provost, the Faculty Senate, and your individual college.