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OU-FAN Facts

OU-FAN Facts

Important Information About Your OU-Financial Aid Notification (OU-FAN)

  • Go to One for the status of your financial aid at The University of Oklahoma.
  • You must accept, reduce, or decline each offer for disbursement of most financial aid funds.
  • All information and offers listed on your OU-FAN are subject to change.
  • All financial aid funds are disbursed no earlier than the scheduled early disbursement date which is approximately one week prior to the first day of classes.
  • Students must read and meet the requirements listed for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Failure to meet these requirements will result in suspension from aid.
  • Students receiving financial aid must meet minimum enrollment requirements.
  • Courses taken at other schools, audit courses, some correspondence courses through the Center for Independent and Distance Learning, CLEP, and Advanced Standing do not count toward minimum enrollment requirements and are not used to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

Important Notice


By accepting the financial aid offered you agree to the following:

Review the Financial tab links in One carefully. This includes all links and information contained in this document and within the website. The Financial tab includes additional information and reminders to help navigate the financial aid process. The OU-FAN link lists the type(s) and amount(s) of aid you are eligible for the Aid Year selected. By accepting aid you are agreeing to accept the obligations stated within this document and your OU-FAN links. Be sure to visit the Financial tab in One regularly for updates. 

Professional and Continuing Studies Programs Students:

Students enrolled in Professional and Continuing Studies Programs have different enrollment requirements, aid eligibility requirements, and disbursement procedures. Visit the Professional and Continuing Studies Programs Financial Aid  website for detailed information.

OU Online

Students enrolled in OU Online may have different enrollment requirements, aid eligibility requirements, and disbursement procedures. Visit OU Online Financial Aid for detailed information.

The OU-FAN Facts provides additional information about your OU-FAN:

Additional information about financial aid and scholarships is available on the OU Student Financial Center website. One is the student portal to OU student information including financial aid, bursar account balance, online enrollment, and transcripts. The Guide to Federal Student Aid published by the U.S. Department of Education provides complete details about the federal aid programs and is normally available in English and Spanish.

Financial Aid:

Includes all grants, loans, scholarships and work-study programs, and resources that help fund college. Resources may include Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, tribal grants, tuition waivers, cash scholarships, resident adviser benefits, etc. 

Summer Financial Aid:

Please review the following link for summer aid information: Additional loan applications may be required. Summer aid funds are very limited. Summer information is normally available in late February or early March.

Common financial aid abbreviations:

  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • OU-FAN – Financial Aid Notification (online offer notification)
  • One – OU Student portal, includes enrollment, billing and financial aid information, etc.
  • SAP – Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid recipients
  • SFC – Student Financial Center

How to Review My Financial Aid:

  • Log into One using your OUNet ID (4+4) and Password. Call 405-325-HELP for login help.
  • Go to the Financial tab. Information about financial aid is on this page.
  • Go to the Financial Aid section. Find your personal financial aid information here.
  • Review all the links in the Financial Aid section. Explanations are provided below.
  • Select the Aid Year desired. 

Missing Information

This section includes the forms needed and the current document status of your aid application. An email is sent to your OU student email when Missing Information is needed. Submit complete, signed forms to SFC as quickly as possible as deadlines apply. Links are provided for most forms requested. 

Financial Aid Notification (OU-FAN)

Select the Aid Year desired. The OU-FAN is a series of up to five tabs which display specific information about your financial aid. Print or save these screens for future reference. 

General Information:

Includes important information about your OU-FAN specific to the Aid Year selected including general disclaimers. Also find quick links to additional aid programs that require a separate application (typically loan programs). 

Financial Aid Overview

This is an overview of your financial aid for the aid year selected. 

Need Calculation
Used for determining your financial aid eligibility. The components used to determine your financial aid eligibility include:

  • Cost of Attendance - These costs are determined using a federally mandated formula. These costs include a standard amount for tuition, mandatory fees, books, transportation, personal, and housing/food expenses. These are not your actual costs, which will vary. There are federal restrictions on the type of costs that may be included. Certain expenses, such as day care or disability-related expenses may be considered.
  • Student Aid Index (SAI) - The SAI is also known as the Expected Family Contribution on the FAFSA website. The SAI is the amount used to determine your financial aid eligibility. The SAI is calculated from the information reported on the FAFSA using a federal formula established by law. Taxable and nontaxable income, savings, family size are considered. The SAI is not the amount due to the university. Some aid programs, such as the Parent PLUS Loan, Graduate PLUS Loan, Institutional Loans, or Private Loans may be considered to help offset the SAI.
  • Initial Need - The initial need shown on your OU-FAN is the difference between your cost of attendance minus your estimated family contribution.
  • Outside Resource – This is the amount of aid coming from other sources, not from OU. For example, freshman scholarships you bring to OU from your high school or a state grant.
  • Need – SFC determines what combination of financial aid can be packaged to help meet your need. Program limitations may not allow us to meet all your need, but additional loan options may exist. The total financial aid offered including other scholarships or resources cannot exceed the cost of attendance, with very limited exceptions. Aid programs have limits and funds are normally offered on a first come first served basis. SFC recommends all OU students apply for aid by the recommended deadlines. 


  • Your housing status is used for processing aid. Updates may be made using the Aid Revision Form up until the first day of classes for that Aid Year.

Expected Enrollment

  • Expected enrollment is used for offering aid. Updates may be made using the Aid Revision Form up until the first day of classes for that Aid Year.

Financial Aid Offer

  • This is a quick view of your offers. Go to the Accept Award Offer tab for offer details.

Cumulative Loan Information

  • The amount lists the loans borrowed as of the reflected date. For your complete federal loan history, go to the National Student Loan Data System. Please note that loans can take up to 8 weeks to post to your accounts.

Resources/Additional Information

This tab displays when specific information is requested to process aid (this is in addition to the information requested in the Missing Information link). Typically the information requested may be submitted online and helps SFC process your aid more accurately.

Accept Award Offer

This tab provides instructions on how to accept, reduce, or decline offers including additional instructions for loan borrowers. You must accept, reduce or decline offers for most disbursement to occur. All financial aid resources known at the time the offers are made are listed here.

The Aid Revision Request Form is available for revisions that cannot be submitted online using the OUFAN. Additional information about each program is included in the Financial Aid Programs chart near the end of this document and in the Guide to Federal Student Aid.

Special Messages

This tab may include any special messaging as determined by SFC. SFC uses your OU email account for most notifications and may also send forms or letters to the student’s local or permanent mailing address. Keep your address and phone numbers updated in One at all times. 

Financial Aid Changes

May occur for many reasons including: changes in federal and/or state regulations, institutional policies or procedures, changes in funding, enrollment level, residency status, degree program, receipt of outside scholarships or resources, changes made by the offering organization, or failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These changes can affect your eligibility for financial aid and/or the amount(s) offered.

Additional Resources and Overawards

If you receive financial resources not listed on your OU-FAN, SFC may be required to adjust offers so you do not have an overaward (more funds than federal financial aid rules allow). A reduction may be made equally from fall and spring offers or entirely from spring if fall aid has already been disbursed.

  • If spring offers are reduced be prepared to budget the total amount of funds listed on your OU-FAN (including the resource which caused the overaward) for the entire year.
  • If you receive more than one tuition waiver you may have one of the waivers reduced if the total amount of all waivers exceeds the amount of tuition.
  • In rare cases, a repayment may be required to resolve an overaward for SEOG and/or TEACH funds. If a repayment is required SFC will send a Revised OU-FAN and notification via mail or email. 

Disbursement of Financial Aid

  • Auto Deposit: Log in to One and go to the My Bursar Account section on the Financial tab. Then go to the View and pay account link. Then go to the Refund Account Setup page. Banking information is required. Auto Deposit allows most financial aid to be applied directly to your student account. If your financial aid is greater than your balance, a refund will be electronically deposited into your selected bank account. If your aid does not cover what you owe, you will owe the difference.
  • Early disbursement: begins approximately one week prior to the start of classes in the fall and spring semesters. To be eligible for early disbursement, you must have your OU-FAN submitted online at least two weeks prior to the start of classes and be officially enrolled at least half time. Aid is adjusted based on your enrollment on the last day of add/drop. Some scholarships and outside aid may not be available for disbursement until after classes start. Disbursement is an ongoing process during each semester. After classes begin, you should allow one week from the date you submit your OU-FAN online for funds to be available. Federal Direct, Parent and Graduate PLUS, and private loans can take up to two weeks to be disbursed.
  • Tuition due dates: Fall: September 25; Spring: February 25.
    Payments not made on time will be assessed service charges. SFC will only waive service charges for complete applications by June 1st for the following fall semester or November 1st for the following spring semester. Check the SFC website for summer tuition due dates when posted.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards and Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and meet minimum enrollment requirements as described in the chart below. Financial aid probation and suspension are separate from academic probation and suspension as set by the university academic community. 

Academic Progress

Log into One to check your current financial aid Academic Progress status. Go to the Main Menu and follow the Academic Progress links to view your status and the online Satisfactory Academic Progress links. 

Minimum GPA* Enrollment Requirements per Academic YearMinimum Hours to Be Completed per Academic Year**Maximum Time Frame Allowed for Degree Completion
Undergraduates 2.0Full-time: 24
3/4-time: 18
Half-time: 12 
Full-time: 16
3/4-time: 13
Half-time: 8 
Up to 150 Credit Hours 
Graduate Students 3.0Full-time: 18
Half-time: 10 
Full-time: 10
Half-time: 10 
48 Master’s credit hours
87 Doctoral credit hours 
Law Students 4.0Full-time: 20
(No provision for ½ time)
Full-time: 20
(No provision for ½ time)
3 years for Juris Doctorate
4 years for combined JD and MBA 

*Minimum GPA – The combined cumulative retention grade point average (including transfer credits) and the OU cumulative retention grade point average must also be at least the minimums stated above.

**Academic year is defined as the traditional fall and spring semesters combined. Completion of enrollment (hours earned) is as important as maintaining a satisfactory grade point average. Enrollment terms for non-traditional programs may vary.

In addition, you must demonstrate that you are making satisfactory progress toward degree completion. Your academic progress is reviewed after each spring semester and/or as needed.

Summer Satisfactory Academic Progress

Summer attendance is considered optional. If you receive financial aid for the summer term you are expected to complete the coursework you have been aided for with at least the minimum grade point average and hours earned. 

Failure to Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for SAP you are not eligible for additional or future financial aid. Aid offered may be revoked if SFC later determines you were not eligible. SFC sends a separate notification when you are in a probation or suspension status.


Is failure to meet minimum SAP, poor academic performance, and/or failure to progress toward degree completion. If suspended from financial aid, you may submit a written appeal to SFC documenting the extenuating circumstances that affected your academic performance.


If an appeal is approved, you may continue to receive financial aid for a probationary period as defined in your financial aid probation letter. The letter will include the minimum grade point average and credit hours required. If an appeal is not approved or probationary terms are not met, you must successfully complete one semester at OU at your own expense to regain financial aid eligibility. Coursework considered for reinstatement must be completed at OU. 

Enrollment Requirements

Your initial financial aid offers are normally based on full time enrollment. In some cases offers may be based on another enrollment configuration. If your planned enrollment changes from that listed on your OU-FAN, you must provide notification using the Aid Revision Form. Note that changes in your enrollment may reduce or cancel some offers. 

Enrollment Status by Semester for Financial Aid

Undergraduate Students Full-Time Hours Half-Time Hours
Fall or Spring 126
Summer 126
Graduate Students Full-Time Hours Half-Time Hours
Fall or Spring 95*
Summer 95
Law Students Full-Time Hours Half-Time Hours
 10No provision for ½ time enrollment.

*Some graduate assistants are considered to be full-time students by the Graduate College. This full-time status applies only to loan deferments. Loan Deferment Forms for Norman Campus students are certified by the Office of Academic Records, Room 330 Buchanan Hall, 1000 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73019-4076. Phone: (405) 325-2251 Fax: (405) 325-7047.

OU Online, Extended Campus, and Advanced Programs students may be subject to different enrollment and satisfactory progress requirements. Refer to their financial aid pages for more information.

Enrollment Not Recognized for Financial Aid

Courses taken at other schools, audit courses, correspondence courses through the Center for Independent and Distance Learning, CLEP, Advanced Standing, and Concurrent courses do not count toward minimum enrollment status requirements and are not used to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. Letter grades of “F” (failure), “U” (unsatisfactory), “I” (incomplete), or “W” (withdrawal), or “AW” (administrative withdrawal), are not considered satisfactory completion of a course and will not be counted toward the minimum hours completed per academic year. 

Graduate on Time

Most OU undergraduates should plan to take approximately 15 to 16 credit hours per semester to move towards a timely graduation in 4 years. A timely graduation benefits you when applying to graduate schools as many graduate programs only accept students in the fall semester. A one semester delay can result in a one-year delay of entering and completing a graduate degree. A timely graduation also benefits you when seeking employment by enabling you to enter the work force sooner, saving you thousands of dollars on tuition, fees, books and housing expenses. Check out your current Cost of Attendance to figure what you can save by graduating on time and not extending another year!

Norman/OU Health Sciences Center Combined Enrollment

Apply for aid through the financial aid office on the campus that will grant your degree. OU Norman campus degree seeking students who officially enroll in OU HSC classes must inform the SFC when contacting these offices that you have combined enrollment. OU HSC degree seeking students must apply for and receive financial aid through the HSC Financial Aid Office. 

Enrollment at More Than One Institution in One Semester

For most aid programs, you can receive aid at only one institution each semester. If you receive aid at more than one college and were not eligible, you may be required to repay aid. There are limited exceptions. Oklahoma’s Promise students should contact the Financial Aid office at each school they are attending for guidance. 

Enrollment in Certain Programs/Admit Status

Admission Categories that Affect Financial Aid

Second Bachelor's Degree – A 2nd BA Form is required. Aid is processed as undergraduate. These programs are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant or Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG).

Ineligible Programs/Admit Status – The following Programs are not eligible for Financial Aid:

  • Early Entry students
  • Students enrolled only in correspondence study
  • Stand-alone certificate programs
  • Legal Assistant, Nursing Home Administration, and Fire Fighting
  • Non-degree (NED) Teacher Certification Codes (GRDTEACH NED)
  • Unclassified, Provisionally Admitted graduate students

Ineligible Programs/Admit Status – The following Programs are not eligible for Financial Aid:

Admission to the following programs are not eligible for financial aid:

  • Freshmen attending the Start Sooner Program.
  • Students enrolled only in correspondence study.
  • Certificate programs such as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Legal Assistant, Nursing Home Administration, and Fire Fighting.
  • Non-degree (NED) Teacher Certification Codes (GRDTEACH NED).
  • Unclassified, Provisionally Admitted graduate students, or Concurrent students.

Special Student Admit

Students that are not considered admitted to an OU degree or certificate program are normally not eligible for aid. Eligibility may be available for federal Direct, PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loan programs for up to 12 months only if you are enrolled in courses necessary for admission to a degree program. SFC will request a Special Student Certification Form in your Missing Information to determine if you meet the requirements for limited aid. After that time, you must be admitted to a regular OU degree program before future aid can be offered. If you are an Oklahoma’s Promise student attending OU as a special, unclassified or visiting student, please contact OU SFC to be placed on the Oklahoma’s Promise list.

Enrollment Changes

Dropping Courses or Complete Withdrawal (CWD)

There are serious consequences when dropping classes or completely withdrawing from the semester. Dropping courses affects your ability to meet the credit hour completion requirements of the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy. Dropping courses will reduce your student loan grace period (your loans enter repayment sooner), you can lose loan deferment status, etc. If you completely withdraw, you may owe a repayment of aid funds. If a student completely withdraws from the university, Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, or TEACH funds may be subject to immediate repayment. Refer to the Complete Withdrawal Fact Sheet for more information.

Refund Regulations for Complete Withdrawal for all students who are TITLE IV Aid Recipients

Any student receiving Federal Title IV funds will be subject to the following policy regarding return of Title IV funds: The University and the student will be required to return to the federal aid programs the amount of aid received that was in excess of the aid “earned” for the time period the student remained enrolled. By federal law, the university has 45 days from the date the university determines the student withdrew to return unearned federal aid to the specified programs. Refer to the Complete Withdrawal Fact Sheet for more information. Refer to the University of Oklahoma Refund Policies, or check with the SFC if you have additional questions. If you are considering dropping your enrollment below half-time or completely withdrawing, review the Fact Sheet above. Contact SFC for more information before taking action. 

Major Financial Aid Programs

Aid Programs Does This Program Require Repayment?Method of Disbursement Special Requirements
Federal Pell Grant* No*Credit to student accountCannot have received a bachelor’s degree. 
Federal SEOG* No*Credit to student accountCannot have received a bachelor’s degree. 
TEACH Grant/Loan*No* (If you fill program requirements once you graduate.)Credit to student accountMust complete Agreement to Serve and a promissory note.
Tuition Waiver Scholarships NoCredit to student accountCannot be used for any charge other than tuition (resident or non-resident). Cannot be used to pay any other fees (such as health, facilities, etc.). 
Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant NoCredit to student accountMust be an Oklahoma resident. OU does not determine recipients but believes you meet eligibility criteria for OTAG. Enrollment verified at end of add/drop. 
Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP) NoCredit to student accountMust be an Oklahoma resident. OU lists an offer on the OU-FAN if you appear eligible. Eligibility is confirmed with the Oklahoma Promise office after classes begin. 
Federal Work-StudyNoPaycheck

Must apply for a student job through Human Resources and be hired. Amount of pay and receipt of paycheck depend upon when work is performed.

The Federal Work-Study offer appearing on the OU-FAN represents the gross (100%) amount of earnings, which can be covered by Federal Work-Study. The amount on the OU-FAN includes both the Federal Work-Study and the departmental contribution to the student’s earnings. Any earnings in excess of the FWS offer are paid 100% by the employing department. 

Direct Subsidized LoanYes* Interest rate variableCredit to student accountRefer to information about the Direct Loan Process on the OU-FAN. 
Direct Unsubsidized LoanYes* Interest rate variableCredit to student accountRefer to information about the Direct Loan Process on the OU-FAN. 
Direct Parent PLUS Yes* Interest rate variableCredit to student accountPLUS Disbursement.
Direct Graduate PLUS Loan YesCredit to student account 
OU Institutional Loan Programs Yes* Interest rate varies per programCredit to student accountMust complete pre-loan interview form, certification form, and return to SFC; must complete a notarized co-signer statement and must sign promissory note at time of disbursement. 

*If a student completely withdraws from the university, Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, ACG, SMART, or TEACH funds may be subject to immediate repayment. Refer to the University of Oklahoma Refund Policies.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)

An OTAG offer is considered an estimated offer. Your official enrollment for OTAG is verified immediately after add/drop. You must be enrolled a minimum of 6 hours per semester as an undergraduate to receive the OTAG offer. OTAG is not available to graduate students. 

Crimson Commitment

Students selected for the Crimson Commitment Program are notified of their eligibility in the spring or summer prior to their freshman year. An Information Guide is sent to students after their OU-FAN is processed. Please see: Crimson Commitment for more information.

Taxability of Aid

Federal Work-Study earnings are subject to federal and state income tax, and students receive W-2 forms. Grant and scholarship aid (including Pell Grants, SEOG, and OTAG, etc.) may be taxable. SFC recommends that students obtain IRS Publication 970 “Tax Benefits for Higher Education” for specific guidance about the tax obligations of grant and scholarship recipients as well as tax credits for educational expenses. Contact your tax preparer, the IRS at 1.800.829.1040 or visit the IRS website at for more information.

Note: The SFC cannot advise about the taxability of aid. 

Book Vouchers

Book Vouchers may be available if your financial aid application is complete and your funds are not yet available at the start of the fall, spring, or summer semester. Students that receive book vouchers will receive a code to input at the online bookstore checkout. Additional information can be found here:

Short Term Loans

May be available if your financial aid application is complete and semester aid has not yet been disbursed. Funds may not be advanced from a future semester financial aid.

University Services

  • Project Threshold
    Academic advising and tutoring services.
  • Center for Student Life
    Academic Support Services (including Test Files), Orientation Programs
  • Career Center
    Internships & co-op employment.
  • Human Resources
    On & off-campus employment
  • University College Assessment & Learning Center
    Math, writing and reading skill placement tests
  • Writing Center
    Free confidential writing assistance.
  • Housing Learning Center
    Tutoring available
  • MoneyCoach
    Free personalized financial planning, coaching and financial literacy strategies

Helpful Websites

    1.800.4FEDAID (1.800.433.3243)
    • Federal Student Information Center: Information about aid programs, eligibility requirements, etc.
    • On-line submission of and corrections to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • National Student Loan Data System, information about your student loan debt, links to lenders and guarantee agencies

Contacting Student Financial Center

Student Financial Center
1000 Asp Avenue, Room 105
Buchanan Hall
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-4078


Phone: (405) 325-9000

Fax: (405) 325-7608


In person: Parents must have the OU Student ID number (found on the OU Student ID card) when requesting a status check of their student. Students should have their OU ID card or a photo ID ready to present to the advisors. Additional information may be required.

Most financial aid communication is sent to the student’s OU email address. SFC does not recommend forwarding your email to another account as you may lose out on important financial aid information which can result in a loss of aid. Keep your address and phone updated at all times through One.

Please contact us for accommodations on the basis of disability. The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution.

We wish you a successful year at the University of Oklahoma!