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Student Forms


Students can submit documents electronically or in person at the Student Financial Center located in Buchanan Hall, Room 105.

FERPA and FTI Release Forms

  • Beginning Fall 2024, a FERPA Release will be required for each Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) submission.
  • Students can submit their FNA and FERPA release electronically through the links below.
  • Students can visit the Student Financial Center to submit a release and FNA in person.
  • All electronic forms must be completed using a student’s verified OU email address.  
  • Please read the descriptions of each form carefully.  
  • The following forms do not authorize the release of your billing information.
  • Students can add a bursar/billing authorized user in One under the Financial tab. 

Bursar Services

Bursar Student Forms

Flat Rate Exemption Request Form
Dependent Child Tuition Waiver Full-time Exemption Form 

Student Itemization Request Form

For quick processing, students and authorized users can create their own itemizations by following the steps below.

Students: Visit the Financial tab in and choose “Review Account Activity” from the action links on the far right. 

Authorized Users: Log in through the Authorized User link

  • Choose “View Activity”, within 
  • Click the > to expand the semester details you would like to print. 
  • Each line item can be further expanded by clicking > next to each charge or credit type. 
  • Under the blue bar listing the term heading, click “PDF” to create your term itemization. 
    This document will include the OU Bursar Services header and student name.
  • Statements can also be downloaded by clicking “My Account” in the gray bar and choosing “Statements”. 
  • 1098-T tax documents can be downloaded from the “Statements” area listed above.

We encourage customers to create their own itemization as processing by the SFC will be delayed. 

Financial Aid by Academic Year

Please Note: When a form has a fillable aid year, it will be noted as *fillable academic year. When the aid year is listed on the form, the pdf will display under the corresponding academic year.

Financial Aid Forms by Academic Year2023-20242024-2025
Academic Progress Review formAcademic Progress Review form (pdf)
*fillable academic year
Academic Progress Review 2024-2025 form (pdf)
Aid RevisionAid Revision (pdf)  or  Aid Revision Electronic formAid Revision 2024-2025 form (pdf) or Aid Revision Electronic form
Bankruptcy Status formBankruptcy Status form (pdf) or Bankruptcy Status Electronic form
*fillable academic year
Budget Adjustment RequestBudget Adjustment Request 2023-2024 (pdf) 
Dependency Override Request
Dependency Override Request 2023-2024 (pdf)Dependency Override Request 2024-2025 (pdf)
Direct Loan RequestDirect Loan Request Electronic form 
Direct Loan Request form 2024-2025 (pdf)
Direct PLUS Loan RequestDirect PLUS Loan Request Electronic formDirect PLUS Loan Request 2024-2025 (pdf)
Direct Grad PLUS Loan RequestDirect Grad PLUS Loan Request Electronic form
Direct Grad PLUS Loan Request 2024-2025 (pdf) 
Documentation of Independent Status Documentation of Independent Status 2023-2024 (pdf)Documetation of Independent Status 2024-2025 (pdf)
Disability Status Parent Disability Status Parent (pdf)
*fillable academic year
Disability Status Parent 2024-2025 (pdf)
Disability Status Student Disability Status Student (pdf)
*fillable academic year
Disability Status Student 2024-2025 (pdf)
Head of Household Verification formHead of Household Verification form 2023-2024 (pdf)Head of Household Verification form 2024-2025 (pdf)
Immigration Status formImmigration Status form (pdf)Immigration Status form 2024-2025 (pdf)
Marital Status Update form
Marital Status Update form 2023-2024 (pdf)
Marital Status form 2024-2025 (pdf)
Private Loan Request formPrivate Loan Request Electronic form
Projected Income-Dependent Student
Projected Income - Dependent Student 2023-2024 (pdf) or
Projected Income - Dependent Student 2023-2024 Electronic form 
Projected Income-Independent Student
Projected Income - Independent Student 2023-2024 (pdf) or
Projected Income - Independent Student 2023-2024 Electronic form
Return of Financial Aid RequestPlease contact for assistance 
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal formSatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Electronic form 
Second Bachelor's Degree Advisor's form
Second Bachelor's Degree Advisor's Form 2023-2024 (pdf)
Special Conditions-Dependent Student
Special Condition- Dependent Student 2023-2024 (pdf) or
Special Condition- Dependent Student 2023-2024 Electronic form 
Special Conditions-Independent Student
Special Condition - Independent Student 2023-2024 (pdf) or
Special Condition - Independent Student 2023-2024 Electronic form
Special Unsub Refusal 101
Special Unsub Refusal 101 2023-2024 (pdf)
Special Unsub Refusal 101 2024-2025 (pdf)
TEACH Interest form
Teach Interest form 2023-2024 (pdf)
U.S. Citizenship Status formU.S. Citizenship Status form (pdf) U.S. Citizenship Status form 2024-2025 (pdf)