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Grid and Sample Preparation for Cryo-EM

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Grid and Sample Preparation for Cryo-EM

The BSC can assist in the preparation of grids for the collection of cryo-EM single particle analysis (SPA) data. The facility has a Pelco easiGlow discharge system for grid preparation and a Leica EM-GP2 cryo plunger as well as a ThermoFisher Vitrobot for freezing samples. An assortment of commonly used cryo-EM grids is available in the BSC. The BSC can assist with shipping of samples to cryo-EM data collection facilities, as well as data transfer and processing. Individual researchers will need to apply for data collection time for their projects at a national cryo-EM center.

The cryoplungers and glow discharger are located in room 2750 of the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center on the University of Oklahoma-Norman Research Campus.

Scheduling for the use of this equipment can be done by contacting the facility director, Dr. Len Thomas,, (405) 325-1126.

Applicable fees will be charged for equipment training, use and services.

Funding for the instrumentation was provided by an Institutional Development Award (IDeA) from the NIH (Award P20GM103640, PI: Dr. Ann West).