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Student Conduct

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Welcome to Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct administers the University's Discipline System.  Our philosophy emphasizes positive behavior changes, improved decision-making and focuses on assisting students to overcome problems to successfully complete their educational goals.  Student Conduct utilizes campus and community partnerships to provide additional resources in the areas of alcohol/substance abuse, personal crises and academic assistance.

Student Responsibilities

Enrollment in the University creates special obligations beyond those attendant upon membership in general society. In addition to the requirement of compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the student assumes the obligation to comply with all applicable University and College regulations.

It is the responsibility of all students who are potential parties or witnesses to an alleged violation of the Code to participate in the conduct process. Students have a duty to cooperate and discuss the incident with appropriate University officials, adhere to stated deadlines, attend scheduled meetings, provide documentation as requested and participate in all proceedings. Failure to meet these duties may result in a decision being made without the benefit of the student’s participation, or may result in a student being charged with failing to comply with the direction of a University official.  Please review section VI of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code for a defined list of prohibited conduct.