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Office of Student Conduct

University of Oklahoma campus

The Office of Student Conduct serves...

as the University’s entity that administers the Student Rights and Responsibilities code. Our philosophy emphasizes positive behavior change, improved decision making, and focuses on assisting students to overcome problems to successfully complete their educational goals. Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct provides students with the skills needed to excel as effective communicators, resolve conflict at all levels, and understand the impact that their decisions have on them personally, as well as the systems in which they live and navigate.



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Student Rights and Responsibilities

OU students are guaranteed certain rights by the US constitution, State of Oklahoma, and OU SGA. In recognition of these rights, they are also responsible for complying with all university policies, and local, state, and federal laws.

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Conflict Resolution and Restoration

Choose from a menu of services under the Spectrum of Resolution Options model to manage a conflict. Anyone may request these services, even if they have not been involved in a student conduct incident report or case.


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Educational Outreach and Training

We use an intential curriculum to provide students with the skills and resources needed to navigate difficult situations. Our staff can provide personalized presentations and workshops for your class, student group, or department.


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OU SafeRide powered by Norman On-Demand

Free transportation at the end of the evening that is confidential, non-judgmental, and safe for OU students, no questions asked.

Visit the OU SafeRide website

Only within the Norman city limits: free every Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00PM - 3:00AM; Rides outside of the SafeRide program days & hours are $2/person/ride. Visit above link for details. 


Student Conduct Records Request

Student Conduct Records checks are often required when students apply to graduate or professional programs, seek to transfer to another institution, or are subject to federal background checks related to employment or security clearances. The Open Records Office will coordinate with the Office of Student Conduct to provide the proper records.

FERPA Release Form

Students may authorize the release of personal information and educational records by submitting a form of acknowledgement releasing their information. You must submit a FERPA Release if you would like an advisor or attorney to accompany you throughout the student conduct process. You will be prompted to use your single sign on before you access the form.