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Cap-Tulsa Research Partnership

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Several toddlers dressed in winter coats are playing outside on a wooden deck. Two of the kids are in an empty baby swimming pool.

CAP Tulsa Research Partnership

We partner with CAP Tulsa to evaluate and research several different components of their Head Start and Early Head Start programs. We also evaluate Oklahoma's Early Childhood Program (OECP), which is a state-funded initiative awarded to CAP Tulsa to support and expand high-quality early childhood programs statewide for children who are three years old and younger.

For this project, Research Associates visit participating classrooms locally and statewide to observe and document classroom practices using the CLASS and QCIT. Information obtained from classroom observations is shared with CAP Tulsa leadership to guide teacher professional development and inform classroom practices in OECP programs.

The ECEI is in the fourth year of the CAP Tulsa’s Child Achievement Research Partnership, which involves assessing a sample of CAP Tulsa children using a broad range of child assessments to document children’s development during their time enrolled in CAP Tulsa programs. These measures gather information on children’s math and literacy skills, executive function, and their social-emotional development. We also assess dual language learners using measures designed for DLL children.

ECEI research staff assess these children each fall and spring, and conduct classroom observations using the COPTOP. Teachers provide ratings of children and participate in surveys. Information gathered from all of these data sources is shared with CAP Tulsa leadership to aid in their overall evaluation and decision making about their early childhood programs.

Principal Investigator is Dr. Sherri Castle; Senior Researcher is Dr. Shinyoung Jeon; Interim Project Director is Denise Vega Ruvalcaba; Research Associates are Minerva Castaneda, Leah Smith, Hillary Bravo, Lily Hernandez de Paul, Carey Herrera, Lucia Koehler-Yaschine, Emma Panter, Anne Perrine, and Bethany Proffitt.