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Research Division

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Division of Research

The Division of Research (DOR) provides training and support to enhance research knowledge and skills of faculty and residents; and increase research capacity and scholarly activity in the Department of Family Medicine. DOR faculty and staff provide support for all aspects of research and scholarly activities, including: analyzing evidence-based literature, designing research protocols, IRB submissions, statistical analyses, grant applications, manuscript preparation, and dissemination of results through publications and presentations.  The faculty and staff of the DOR also work closely with residents and faculty in implementing the research and scholarly activity curriculum of the Department’s residency program.

We've Joined FPIN!

The FPIN Consortium has developed over the past ten years in response to a need to make evidence-based family medicine and clinical scholarship more accessible to family physicians in clinical practice. The residents and faculty author "HelpDesk Answers" (brief, structured evidence-based answers to clinical questions, based on the best available recent evidence- which are peer reviewed and published in Evidence-Based Practice. Faculty also author “Clinical Inquiries”, which are systematic reviews of the best available evidence in order to answer author-created questions of clinical importance to daily practice.  Clinical Inquiries are published in the Journal of Family Practice and American Family Physician.  Residents and fellows also have the opportunity to co-author Clinical Inquiries with faculty.

Recent Publications