Catalytic Strategies for Improving Fuel Quality

During the last years the heterogenous catalysis group have worked in different areas such as:improving diesel fuel; aromatization of alkenes (n-hexane and n-octane); simultaneous hydrogenation of multiring aromatic compounds over NiMo catalysts; gas-phase kinetic studies of tetralin hydrogenation on Pt/Alumina; competitive hydrogenation of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons on sulfur-resistant bimetallic Pt-Pd catalysts and many other projects.

Research associates, visiting scholars and M.S. and Ph.D students have contributed to the heterogenous catalysis research and as a result over 40 papers have been published.

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Students and collaborators (1995-2009):

Research associates: Walter E. Alvarez, Haiyang Liu, Cristina Padro, Adriana Pisanu, Armando Borgna, Manuel Nunez Isaza, Ricardo Rey Soares, Fabio Noronha, Francisco Pompeo.

Visiting scholars: Siraprapha Dokjampa, Supak T., Pisan Chungchamroemkit.

M.S and Ph.D students: Mario Coelho, Christopher Loughran, Jeff Smith, Ahmed Ali, Susan M. Stagg, Srinivas Chintapalli, Firoz Ghadiali, Gary Jacobs, Ya-Huei Chin, Lorena Serventi, Zoran Juric, Boonyarach Kitiyanan, Siriporn Jongpatiwu, Li Zhongru, Malee Santikunaporn, Roberto Santana, Nataphan Chareonchaisakul.