Research Associates and Post Docs

Dr. Yi Huang

Dr Yi Huang received his double B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and International Economics and Trade at Harbin Engineering University, China in 2006. After graduation, he joined Prof. Huanting Wang’s group at Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, Australia and enrolled as a Ph. D. candidate. His research lay in the field of molecular sieves. Specifically, his research was focused on the synthesis of zeolite nanocrystals, the rational design of nanostructured inorganic particles/monoliths (ceramics and zeolites) with hierarchical porosity, and the study of their nucleation & growth mechanisms. He spent the final Ph. D. year with Prof. Michael Tsapatsis at Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Minnesota, where his research was concentrated on the synthesis of zeolite-polymer composite membranes. He obtained his Ph. D. in 2011 and joined Prof. Resasco's group as a postdoctoral research fellow after graduation. Currently, he is participating in the heterogeneous catalysis projects, with special emphasis in the synthesis, characterization, and testing of nano-structured materials, such as zeolites, nanohybrids, and mesoporous oxides.