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Weather Links for Oklahoma and Beyond (from Phil Chilson)

There is a vast amount of weather information available to anyone who would like to know what the atmosphere is doing in real time or what transpired in the past.  Here are a few web pages that could help you in your quest for information

The Oklahoma Climatalogical Survey (OCS) hosts a very useful web page at

From this page you can navigate directly to the Climate section

A tremendous resource for those seeking weather data within Oklahoma is of course our very own Mesonet

From the Mesonet page, you can visualize many of the atmospheric parameters from the present to the near past.  You will need to download a plug-in for your browser, which you can get from

If you feel overwhelmed by the many parameters that are available to you, then you may want to get the Mesonet Product Catalog

You can also download and install the WeatherScope software on your computer, which you can use to play back past data or watch data loops in real time.

From the University of Oklahoma, you have access to the Premium-level Mesonet data, which are available from

The actual premium data files provide measurements from each of the Mesonet sites sampled every 5 minutes.  The data are available in MDF format (observations from each station over the entire network) or in MTS format (observations for one station over an entire day).  MDF files are recorded every 5 minutes and there is on MTS file per station per day.

 There is also a Texas Mesonet, which can be found on the web at

If you need to view data nationally, then you could try visiting the Unisys site

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