21 Ola Fincke “A Free Market Response to Climate Change: Take Action NOW!”
28 Rosemary Knapp (neg. date) NSF DDIG applications.

4 Emily West- Aerobic Biocorrosion
11 Stephen Frazee - Multiple sexual selection pressures drive the rapid evolution of complex morphology in a male secondary genital structure
18 Jeremy Ross – "2020 & beyond: A vision for the George M. Sutton Avian Research Center"
25 Aaron Geheber -"The effect of spatial scale on darter community assembly: Evolutionary relationships illustrate ecological processes"

4 Kirsten de Beurs - Intensive Land Use Change in New Zealand & the effect on water quality.
11 Brent Tweedy- Do Freshwater Mussels Affect the Mercury Contamination of Aquatic Food Webs?
18 Spring Break – No seminar
25 Brian McGill– Dynamic Ecology and Essential Skills for Grad Students

1 Caryn Vaughn "Shifting hotspots: How do consumer aggregations interact to influence resource heterogeneity and fluxes in streams?"
8 Rosemary Knapp (neg. date) personal and Professional websites
15 Richard Broughton (Neg. date ) "OXPHOS rules the world."
22 Joseph Fredrickson – TBA ‘Theropod ecology in the Cedar Mountain Formation’
29 Alex Barnard - Damsels in egress: one scientist's attempt to develop Enallagma damselflies as a model system




Seminar in Biology
All Biology Department seminars unless otherwise noted are held in the ground floor auditorium in GLCH on Wednesdays at 4:30.
Seminar in Plant Biology
The Botany Graduate Seminar meets Fridays in GLCH 310
Seminar in Microbiology

3:00 Fridays, 310 GLCH

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