Wednesdays at 1:30, in Richards

15 No seminar
22 No seminar
29 Dr. Ashlee Rowe (Michigan State U.) – Foraging/feeding ecology and prey preference in grasshopper mice

5 Junyi Liang – Atmospheric CO2 enrichment does not reduce soil nitrogen availability in the terrestrial ecosystems
12 Dr. Warren Booth (Tulsa U.) – Title - TBA
19 Francisco Acosta – Diversity of picoeukaryotes at an oligotrophic site off the Northern Red Sea Coast
26 Dr. David Hart (U. Maine) – Title - TBA

5 Jackson Helms – Conservation exploration in biodiversity hotspots and wilderness areas: insights from Madagascar and Guyana
12 Thayer Hallidayschult – Zebs for EEBs
26 Jessica Beyer – Life history responses of rotifers to changes in resource availability

2 Dr. Mike Kaspari – GAANN discussion
9 Dr. Michael Ryan (U. Texas) – Genetics of alternative reproductive tactics in swordtails: preliminary report
16 Dr. Armin Moczek (U. Indiana) – How to design, advertise, implement, and fund meaningful K12 and minority outreach measures while trying to survive at a Research 1 institution
23 Feifei Zhang – Molecular evolution of OXPHOS genes
30 Alex Barnard – Reproductive isolation and introgression in Enallagma damselflies304



Seminar in Biology
All Biology Department seminars unless otherwise noted are held in the ground floor auditorium in GLCH on Wednesdays at 4:30.
Seminar in Plant Biology
The Botany Graduate Seminar meets Fridays in GLCH 310
Seminar in Microbiology

3:00 Fridays, 310 GLCH

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