Wednesdays at 1:30, in Richards 304


- 26 August—NO MEETING


- 2 September—Jane Lucas TBA
- 9 September—Phil Chilson TBA
- 16 September—Rajen Bajgain TBA
- 23 September—Caryn Vaughn “Consumer aggregations and biogeochemical hotspots”
- 30 September—Yuting Zhou “Spatial-temporal dynamics of agricultural drought in tallgrass prairie of the Southern Great Plains during 2000-2013”


- 7 October—Yao Zhang “The consistency between sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and gross primary production of vegetation in North America”
- 14 October—
- 21 October—NO MEETING
- 28 October—Jie Wang “Mapping paddy rice planting area in wheat-rice double cropping areas through integration of Landsat-8 OLI, MODIS, and PALSAR images”


- 4 November—Aime’e Yousey “A test of thermal adaptation in a
freshwater zooplankter; a “resurrection ecology” approach.”
- 11 November—Michael Kistenmacher ““ So, you think you know the
risks? Then place your bets…”
- 18 November—Diane Landoll TBA

Seminar in Biology
All Zoology Department seminars unless otherwise noted are held in the ground floor auditorium in GLCH on Wednesdays at 4:30.
Seminar in Botany
The Botany Graduate Seminar meets Fridays in GLCH 310
Seminar in Microbiology

3:00 Fridays, 310 GLCH

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