Wednesdays at 1:30, in Richards 304

20 Kyle Horton – The sounds of avian migration, trends and quantification of flight calling songbirds

27 Rachel Hartnett – Genetic and Environmental Components of Life-History Traits in Daphnia

3 Dr. Rosemary Knapp – The Survey of Academic Field Experiences – food for thought and ideas for improvement of “non-traditional” work and study environments

10 Dr. Bradley Stevenson – Microbial Activity in B20 Biodiesel: Assessing Risks to Fuel Quality and Infrastructure

17 Dr. Jeremy Ross – Avifaunal impacts of severe storms
24 Dr. Jeff Necola (University of New Mexico) Through both ends of a spyglass:  North American land snail assemblages from submeter to continental scales

1 Dr. Kiza Gates – TBA

8 Billy Culver – Population genetic structure and fitness of Daphnia pulicaria across a pH gradient in three North American lakes

15 Dr. Keith Gido (Kansas State University) – Meta-community dynamics of desert fishes

22 Diane Landoll – Scissor-tailed Flycatchers or Something

29 Amber Makowicz – Clonal Recognition Part 2: The influence of body shape, food, and the natural environment

5 Greg Jongsma – Diversity and Biogeography of the frog genus Hylarana in sub-Saharan Africa
12 Dr. Mark Pyron (Ball State University) – Freshwater gastropod morphology and diet across complete geographical ranges.

19 Elyse Freitas – The Phylogenetics, Biogeography, and Patterns of Limb Loss in the South African Lizard Genus Scelotes

26 Thanksgiving Break – No seminar

3 Dr. Antonio Castro – Ecosystem services trade-offs for watershed management

Seminar in Biology
All Zoology Department seminars unless otherwise noted are held in the ground floor auditorium in GLCH on Wednesdays at 4:30.
Seminar in Botany
The Botany Graduate Seminar meets Fridays in GLCH 310
Seminar in Microbiology

3:00 Fridays, 310 GLCH

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