Economic Geography
Course Outline
Fall, 1997

Revised Course Schedule for November and December
Reading Assignments and Examinations

DayDateDiscussion TopicReading(s)
MAug 25Class syllabus distribution; objectives and requirements---
WAug 27Economic GeographyChapter 1
FAug 29Environments and Human Economies
MSept 1Labor Day
WSept 3Basic Global Demographic TrendsChapter 2
FSept 5Population Problems
MSept 8Population continued
WSept 10Economic DevelopmentChapter 3
FSept 12Spatial InteractionChapter 4
MSept 15Spatial Interaction
WSept 17TransportationChapter 5
FSept 19Transportation
MSept 22Regional Economic Specialization
WSept 24Regional Economic Specialization
FSept 26Small Towns in Urban HierarchyChapter 7
MSept 29Regional Regional Service Centers/Metropolitan Growth
WOct 1Economic-Geographic Structure of the United States
FOct 3World Cities
MOct 6World Cities
WOct 8Urban Structure and MorphologyChapter 6
FOct 10Urban Structure and Morphology--urban fields
MOct 13Urban Structure and Morphology--corridors, etc.
WOct 15Exam 1
FOct 17Urban Land Use DeterminantsChapter 8
MOct 20Intensity of Urban Land Use
WOct 22Urban Land Values
FOct 24Retail and Service--Locational Factors
MOct 27Retail and Service--Locational Factors
WOct 29Retail and Service--Locational Factors
FOct 31The Evolution of the Shopping Center
MNov 3The Evolution of Shopping Areas and Shopping Centers
WNov 5Manufacturing Plant Location FactorsChapter 9
FNov 7Manufacturing Plant Location TheoryChapter 10
MNov 10Regional Patterns
WNov 12The Automobile Industry
FNov 14Agglomerative Economies--the electronics industry
MNov 17Transportation Costs and Agriculture
WNov 19Agricultural Patterns--USChapter 13
FNov 21Agricultural Patterns--GlobalChapter 14
MNov 24Agriculture--population/food supply ratios
WNov 26Thanksgiving
FNov 28Thanksgiving
MDec 1Comparative Advantage
WDec 3Economic Integration--economic systems
FDec 5World Economic Trends
MDec 8World Economic Trends
WDec 10World Economic Trends
FDec 12TBA

Notice: This list is presently tentative. The instructor will modify readings and/or topics as appropriate for the class.

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