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Volume 25 (1951)

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Research Notes

Anders, G. Pleiotropic effect of lozenge clawless.

Anders, G. Pleiotropic pattern of the lozenge-mutant in D. pseudoobscura.

Asahina, K. Studies on the taxis of D. me1anogaster.

Basden, E.B. Drosophila in Scotland.

Bird, M. J. Chemical mutagenesis.

Brunetto, A. and Frumento, L. Salivary chromosomes of D. ambigua.

Burdette, W. Incidence of tumors in different strains of Drosophila.

Burla, H. Drosophilids of the Ivory Coast (French West Africa).

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A. Interspecific crossings in the affinis subgroup.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A. Interspecific crossings in the obscura subgroup.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A. Interspecific crossings in the Pholadoris subgenus.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A. Natural selection under increased mutation pressure in D. melanogaster populations.

Carson, H. L. Interfertile sympatric sibling species within D. bocainensis Pavan and da Cunha 1947.

Cooper, K. W. The Chapter on Spermatogenesis in Biology of Drosophila.

da Cunha, A. B., Brncic, D. J., and Salzano, F. M. Comparative study of chromosomal polymorphism in populations of tropical Drosophila.

Dale, E. E. Differential mortality.

Dresden, D. and Oppenoorth, F. J. Selecting strains resistant to gamma-HCCH (hexachlorocyclohexane).

Edmondson, M. Interchange of eye and antennal tissue during development.

Epling, C. and Mitchell, D. F. A previously unrecorded gene arrangement of D. pseudoobscura in Southern California.

Faber, J. and Sobels, F. H. A new imaginal ring in the mid part of the hindgut.

Fujii, S. and Kawabe, M. On the development of some “bristle genes” in the pupal stage of D. virilis.

Gowen, J. W. and Stadler, J. Irradiation effects on viability of D. melanogaster.

Imaizumi, T. and Kimoto, Y. Cytoplasmic constituents of eggs in early developing stages and their staining properties.

Ives, P. T. and Evans, A. A probable simultaneous double mutation in the Cy sp2 chromosome.

Janzer, W. Studies on cave animal characteristics.

Judd, B. H. and Lefevre, G. X-ray-induced dominant mutation in D. melanogaster.

Kikkawa, H. Effects of 3.4-dihydroxykynurenine on pigment formation.

Koske,T. A new species hybrid in the obscura group.

Lewis E. B. Additions and corrections to the cytology of rearrangements.

Lindsley, D. L. An X chromosome specifically deficient for the nucleolus organizing region.

Lüning, K. G. X-ray-induced mutations in different stages of spermatogenesis.

Mainx, F. Structural variety in wild populations of European species of the obscura group.

Makino, S. and Kanehisa, T. A preliminary survey of the geographical distribution of Drosophila in Hokkaido.

Makino, S. and Kanehisa, T. A monthly survey of Drosophila in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Makino, S. and Takada, H. A monthly survey of Drosophila in the vicinity of Otaru City, Hokkaido.

Makino, S. and Kanehisa, T. Some notes on a heritable tumor found in D. virilis.

Meyer, H. U. Evidence of the unsplit condition of interphase chromosomes.

Mickey, G. H. Origin of a new R allele in mosaic D. melanogaster.

Mickey, G. H. and Blount, J. Somatic polyploidy in D. melanogaster induced by cold shock.

Mickey, G. H. and Di Paolo, J. A. Lethal induced in Drosophila, by combined action, of urethane and H202.

Mickey, G. H. and Sturtevant, F. M., Jr. Failure of phenol to produce lethals In Drosophila.

Miller, D. D. Mating behavior in D. athabasca and D. narragansett.

Mittler, S. Variation of the penetrance of tu50j when reared on yeasts that do not require vitamins or amino acids.

Moriwaki, D., Okada, T., Ohba, S., and Kurokawa, H. Drosophila species belonging to the “obscura” group found in Japan.

Mossige, J. Two new jaunty mutations.

Muller, H. J. Detection of mutations in the second chromosome by use of the “sifter” stock.

Muller, H. J. Homosexual copulation in the male of the Drosophila and the problem of the fate of sperm of males isolated from females.

Muller, H. J. Localization of Y:bw+ insertion and cr-u sterile (crs).

Muller, H. J. and associates. Ultraviolet induction of mutants at loci at which spontaneous mutants are known.

Nakamura, K., Immaizumi, T. and Kitazume, Y. Amino acids in D. melanogaster.

Nolte, D. J. Secondary genic products.

Novitski, E. Autonomy of sterility of transformed females.

Novitski, E. The compound X chromosomes.

Novitski, E. Useful derivatives of the X·Y chromosome.

Oftedal, P. Genetics and histogenesis of a new tumor, tu(2)49k.

Ohnishi, E. Bilateral asymmetry and correlative expression of wing and hind leg in Bd49l.

Ohnishi, E. Tyrosinase activity during puparium formation in D. melanogaster.

Oster, I. I. An analysis of ultraviolet-induced lethals due to gene mutation.

Oster, I. I. Accentuation of distinctions in larval Malpighian coloration by the feeding of riboflavin.

Prevosti, A. The vti and vli characters in a wild population of D. subobscura Collins.

Ratty, F. J., Jr. Lethal coverage with short duplications.

Sattel, W. Running and hopping abilities of D. melanogaster.

Scossiroli, R. Relation between successful interspecific crossings and gene arrangements.

Semenza, L. and Barigozzi, C. Chromosomes of Aphiochaeta xantina.

Singleton, J. R. and Zimmering, S. Interchromosomal interference in D. melanogaster.

Sobels, F. H., Kruijt, J. P., and Spronk, N. Lethality due to combined action of the genes Dichaete and eyeless-dominant.

Spiess, E. B. Recent collections in New England.

Spiess, E. B., Ketchel, M. and Terrile, B. A. Physiological properties of gene-arrangement carriers in D. persimilis.

Spurway, H. D. subobscura.

Tattersfield, F., Kerr, R. W., Taylor, J. and Kerridge, J. R. Resistance to the toxic effects of DDT.

Ulrich, H. Killing of Drosophila eggs by partial X-raying.

Ulrich, H. Sensitive periods and egg-regions in production of the modification "abnormal abdomen" by X-raying eggs of D. melanogaster.

Valencia, J. I. and Valencia, R. M. The ineffectiveness of extra heteroechromatin in influencing mutation rate in the female.

von Brandt, H. and Höhne, G. Mutagenic action of some chemicals.

Waddington, C. H. Selection of the genetic basis of an acquired character.

Wallace, B. and Demerec, R. A test for translocation mosaics in Drosophila sperm exposed to nitrogen mustard aerosol.

Wette, R. Production of phenocopies by chemical substances.

Yoshida, Y. "Conditioned lethal."

News Items

Anders, G. and Schnitter, M. A method of mass investigations in Drosophila eggs.

Clancy, C. W. "Seeding" cultures with Fleischmann’s New Dry Yeast.

Green, M. M. Rapid preparation of cornmeal-agar medium.

Herskowitz, I. H. Grid-smear technique for electron microscopy of salivary-gland chromosomes.

Herskowitz, I. H. and Burdette, W. Preparation of permanent aceto-orcein smears.

Mittler, S. Medium for rearing yeasts that do not require amino acids or vitamins.

Rosin, S. The position of the wings of killed drosophilae.

Stone, P. C. and Zimmering, S. An effective mite control.

Wallace, B. Estimating the size of experimental Drosophila populations.

Wilson, L. Deterioration of brewers’ yeast as a factor in comparative growth studies on Drosophila.