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OU Department of English Faculty

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Rilla Askew

Profile photograph of Rilla Askew

Associate Professor 

Interests: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Oklahoma History, Historical Fiction, Early Modern Women Writers.


Rilla Askew's Profile

Amit R. Baishya

Amrit Baishya

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies for the English Department

Interests: Postcolonial literature; cultural studies; film.

Amit R. Baishya's Profile

Joyce Coleman

Joyce Coleman

Rudolph C. Bambas Professor of Medieval English Literature & Culture 
Director, University of Oklahoma Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies 

Interests: Medieval literary reception, performance, and patronage; 
"the iconography of the book" in medieval manuscripts. 

Joyce Coleman's Profile

Robert Con Davis-Undiano


Professor of English and Neustadt Professor 
Executive Director of World Literature Today

Interests: American studies; Chicano studies; cultural studies; literary and cultural theory.

Robert Con Davis-Undiano's Profile

Bill Endres

Bill Endres

Assistant Professor 

Interests: Digital Humanities, medieval manuscripts, and visual rhetoric.

Bill Endres' Profile

Rachel C. Jackson

Assistant Professor

Interests: Native American and Indigenous Studies, Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory, Decolonial Theory, Land-Based Pedagogies, Indigenous Language Revitalization, and Critical Regionalism, Transrhetorical Analysis and Decolonial Methodologies, Community Writing and Digital Storytelling, Kiowa and Cherokee Languages

Rachel C. Jackson's Profile

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Honoree Jeffers


Interests: Poetry Writing, Fiction Writing, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Writing for Creative Publication, Early African American Literature, Blues Poetics, and Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African American Literature.
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers' Profile

Susan Kates

Susan Kates


Interests: History of rhetoric; material rhetorics; women's rhetorics; creative writing, particularly creative nonfiction; Oklahoma cultural studies.

Susan Kates' Profile

Rita Keresztesi

Rita Keresztesi


Interests: African Diaspora Literary and Cultural Studies: the Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts/Black Power, Anglophone Caribbean Literatures and Music; Postcolonial African Cinema (Francophone West Africa, Nollywood, and Bongo Cinema).

Rita Keresztesi's Profile

William C. Kurlinkus

William Kurlinkus

Assistant Professor 
Director, Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Director, Technical Writing

Interests: New media; rhetoric; technical communication; design.


William C. Kurlinkus' Profile

Joseph Mansky

Assistant Professor

Interests: Early modern literature; libel; theater and social history; rhetoric and poetics; political theory


Joseph Mansky's Profile

William Henry McDonald

William McDonald

Associate Professor

Interests: Nineteenth-century American literature; twentieth-century American literature; literary theory

William Henry McDonald's Profile

Roxanne Mountford

Roxanne Mountford

Chair, Department of English
Director, First-Year Composition

Interests: Rhetorical history, theory, and criticism; writing; women’s rhetoric; African American rhetoric; rhetorical education; religious rhetoric; environmental rhetoric; institutional history.  


Roxanne Mountford's Profile

Joshua B. Nelson

Joshua Nelson

Associate Professor 

Interests: American Indian and Indigenous literature, film, and media; Cherokee culture; identity theory; agency; anarchism; pragmatism.

Joshua B. Nelson's Profile

Ronald Schleifer

George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Adjunct Professor in Medicine

Interests: Twentieth-century literature; literature and medicine; critical theory; semiotics

Ronald Schleifer's Profile

Justin A. Sider

Assistant Professor

Interests: Nineteenth-century literature (especially poetry and non-fiction), aestheticism and decadence, Pre-Raphaelite art and poetry, twentieth-century poetry, aesthetic theory, genre theory.

Justin A. Sider's Profile

Jake Skeets

Profile photograph of Jake Skeets

Assistant Professor

Research and Teaching Interest:
Poetry, Poetics and Aesthetics, Native American Literature, Diné Literature

Jake Skeets' Profile

Jonathan Stalling

Jonathan Stalling


Interests: Modern to Contemporary American Poetry; Comparative Chinese-Western Poetics,  Literary and Cultural Theory, Translation Studies, Creative Writing (poetry), and EFL.

Jonathan Stalling's Profile

Sandra L. Tarabochia

Sandra Tarabochia

Associate Professor 

Interests: Writer development; writing pedagogy;  writing research methods/methodologies; poetic inquiry; feminist rhetoric and research methods; writing through the life span; longitudinal writing research; inclusive publishing.

Sandra L. Tarabochia's Profile

Julie-Françoise Tolliver

Profile Photograph of Julie-Francoise Tolliver

Associate Professor 

Interests: World literature (early, 20th-century, and contemporary), world cinema, postcolonial studies, North American studies, translation studies


Julie-Françoise Tolliver's Profile

Kathleen E. Welch

Kathleen E. Welch

Presidential Professor 

Interests: Writing and literacy; classical rhetorical theory; twentieth- 
century rhetoric and composition theory; current technology and literacy 
studies; feminist theory; historicized rhetoric.

Kathleen E. Welch's Profile

Kimberly Wieser

Kimberly G. Wieser

Associate Professor 

Interests: American Indian critical theories, literatures, and rhetorics; gender studies.

Kimberly Wieser's Profile

James Zeigler

James Zeigler

Associate Professor 

Interests: Twentieth-century American literature; literary theory; rhetoric.

James Zeigler's Profile

Affiliated Faculty

Kalenda Eaton

Kalenda Eaton, Affiliate Faculty English

Affiliate Faculty Member
Associate Professor, The Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies



Kalenda Eaton's Profile

Todd Fuller, Curator of the Western History Collections

Affiliate Faculty Member
Curator, Western History Collections    



Todd Fuller's Profile

Affiliate Faculty Member

Assistant Director & Editor in Chief of World Literature Today

Daniel Simon's Profile

Emeritus Faculty

Eve Tavor Bannet

Professor Emeritus

Interests: The long eighteenth century; trans-Atlantic studies; British and American literature; women; letters; history of reading; secret writing

Eve Tavor Bannet's Profile

Dan Cottom

Professor Emeritus

Interests: Nineteenth-century English literature; cultural studies; literary and cultural theory.

Daniel Cottom's Profile

Geary Hobson

Vincent B. Leitch

Professor Emeritus

Interests: Literary criticism and theory; cultural studies; poetry and poetics.

Vincent B. Leitch's Profile

Daniel Joseph Ransom

Daniel Ransom

Professor Emeritus of English
Director, Variorum Chaucer Project 

Interests: Medieval literature; the history of English; Chaucer.

Daniel Joseph Ransom's Profile

Joanna Rapf

Professor Emeritus of English

Alan Velie

Professor Emeritus

Interests: Shakespeare; American Indian literature; poetry and poetics; the Bible as literature.

Aan Velie's Profile