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Soil Characteristics
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A detailed description of (some of) the possible soil value added maps. 
Maps are coded according to the (previous page) Soil Attribute Table 

The color code green indicates areas that are "generally suitable" for: (for example) septic tank fields, yellow areas are "probably suitable" for septic fields, but may "cost more" to overcome existing soil limitations, and red areas are "unsuitable" for (septic tank absorption fields). 

Mpa 6  Septic Tank Absorption Fields Septic Tank Fields 
Potential restrictions for locating a septic tank absorption field.  (Green areas used in example) 
  • Green  = YES, I can locate a septic field here.
  • Yellow  = probably NO,  I shouldn't locate a septic field (there are some unfavorable limitations.)
  • Red  = NO, I should not locate a septic field here because there are many unfavorable limitations.

Wetness Hazard 
Estimates the time free water will remain in soil after saturation has been reached. 
  • No color  = No problem with wetness.
  • Green  = Generally, no particular wetness problem.
  • Yellow  = A slight wetness problem.
  • Red  = There is a severe problem with wetness. 

Flood Potential 
The risk of (probable annual) flooding as a result of stream overflow. 

Flood Risk: 

  • No color  = No flood risk.
  • Slight = Some slight risk. (not on this map)
  • Red  = A very high risk of (annual) flooding. 

Depth to Watertable 
Depth to Watertable or the depth at which there is (seasonal high) subsurface water. 

The depth ranges are: 

  • No Color  = Greater than 5 feet to water.
  • Blue  = 3 to 5 feet to water.
  • Dark Blue  = Less than 3 feet to water. 

Look at the Map Combining Strategy. 

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