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Student Resources

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Student Resources

The DSA Office is here for our students from application to graduation.  The information on this page will help orientate our new students, provide current student forms, and get you ready for graduation.

New Students

Please review our Welcome Packet below, it contains lots of helpful information for newly admitted DSA students.  Also visit the Graduate College page for degree deadlines, there are required forms for all students.

All Students

Please review the following information:

Student Organizations                                                  Graduate Student Life

Academic Calendar                                                       Degree Deadlines

Graduate College                                                           International Student Services                 

International Community and Programs                   Bursar

IT Help                                                                             Fitness and Recreation

Career Center                                                                 Online Learning Success

Enrollment Requirements

Fall and SpringSummer*Final Semester
9 hours full time6 hours full timeMinimum 2 hours
5 hours half time3 hours half timeMinimum 2 hours

* International students whose first semester is in the summer semester must enroll in 6 credit hours.  All other times summer enrollment is optional

Add / Drop - 3 credit hour class

Second Friday of semesterSecond Friday of semester2nd day of class

Add / Drop - 1 credit hour class

3rd day of class3rd day of class1st day of class

Changes to enrollment should not be made without contacting the DSAI office, doing so could delay graduation.  Please review the univeristy policies for Add/Drop.

Students must complete the Request for Withdraw - Current Term to drop a course(s).

Required Forms

ALL MASTERS STUDENTSMust complete a Program of Study their second semester.
THESIS STUDENTSMust complete a Master's Thesis Topic and Committee Membership Form WITH their program of study. 
 BEFORE their final semester they must also submit their Request Authority for Thesis Defense form and Request for Degree Check.
CERTIFICATE STUDENTSMust complete a Program Report Form their first semester.
DOCTORAL STUDENTSMust first complete an ACR and Committee form.  Followed by General Exam Application for the Doctoral DegreeRequest for Degree CheckReport of Reading Copy Submission and Request for Authority to DefendApproval for Thesis/Dissertation Submission to SHAREOK
COURSE REPEATIf you repeat a course you must submit a Repeat Policy Request Form for grade calculation.

Graduation 2023

Fall 2023 Gallogly College of Engineering Convocation 



Questions? visit the OU Convocation page and the Gallogly College of Engineering page

Steps to Graduation:

  1. Apply for graduation through 
  2. Check your email for the link to register for Graduation Gear-Up and Ceremonies
  3. Celebrate!  Congrats OU Grad!!!

DSA students are part of the Gallogly College of Engineering when you order regalia; black cap and gown, black tassel, orange engineering hood.

GCoE Graduation Reception

GCoE Graduation Reception


The Gallogly College of Engineering is hosting a come-and-go reception for faculty, staff, graduates, and their friends and family to celebrate the achievement and success of our graduating engineering class.

Refreshments will be served in Gallogly Hall, room 126 throughout the reception.

For questions or accommodations, please contact the Engineering Convocation Coordinator, Jeff Biggerstaff, at (405)-325-4724 or