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1952 Directory

Faculty, Staff, Students

Photo of 1952 summer session students, faculty, staff and families

Seated on ground: Linda Kay Stricklin, Virginia Self

Front row: David Stricklin, Vera Stricklin, Ida Self, Charles C. Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, Merelyn Hardgrave, Patricia Riggs, Carl D. Riggs, Esther Rice, Cliffy Rice, Linda Rice, Harley P. Brown, Virgill Dowell

Second row: Helen Hooper, Ted Russell, Harry Bishop Jr., Mary Lou Bishop, Earl Kilpatrick, Cheryl Kilpatrick, Clifford Murphy, Phil Summers, Glenna Morgan, Roger Smithpeter, Harry Bishop

Third row: Jimmy Houser, Minerva Houser, Mary Sue Houser, Otis Autry, Stewart Wu, Eugene Johnson, Janet Kilpatrick, Mrs. Kilpatrick, Shirley Handler, O. M. Stricklin, Irma Fulhage, Gladys Burnham, Ed Alder, Alice Furguson, Thomas Cate, Ronny Stricklin, Don Davis, Thelma Hays, Horace Hays, Angela Bishop, Louise, Rainbolt, Martha Ann Riggins,

Missing: J. Teague Self, Dick Self, William C. Vinyard, Joe M. Anderson, J. Louis Bouchard, Leon Harney, Ed Bellis, Robert B. England, Dick Hood, Al Houser, Kamel Khalaf, Otis King, Louis Lutz, Marvin Mays, Rose Zimmerman

1952 Faculty and Staff

1952 Faculty and Staff

Left to Right: Louis Bouchard, Joe Anderson, Edward Bellis, Leon Harney, Harley P. Brown, Merelyn Hardgrave, Elroy Rice, Glenna Morgan, Charles C. Carpenter, Ida Self, Virgill Dowell, J. Teague Self, William Vinyard, Carl D. Riggs





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