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The Friends of the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (FUOBS) has been established under the umbrella of the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. On July 14, 2001, the first meeting of this organization was held, officers were elected and a constitution adopted. The purpose of this organization is to promote and support the Biological Station and to promote connection with its friends and alumni. Any person who is a current or former student, faculty member, staff member or friend of the University of Oklahoma Biological Station may become a member of the club. A special thanks to the Steering Committee members that volunteered in July 2000 to work on this project.

The next Friends Celebration will be a joint meeting with the the Oklahoma Native Plant Society to be held Oct. 16-18, 2015. Mark your calendars! Registration is now available. For more information about the meeting, click here.
Click here to go to the online registration.
Click here for the pdf version of the registration.

Link to page for the 2013 Celebration photos.

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