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Organizational Dynamics

OU-Tulsa’s Master of Arts in Organizational Dynamics offers an innovative approach to education that links the latest management theory and practice with students’ real life work experiences in an adult-learning format. The program was initiated by business leaders who saw a need for a Master's program in Tulsa that would develop professionals who have the leadership and teamwork skills needed to manage people, projects, and processes. The Organizational Dynamics program was formed through this unique collaboration between Tulsa-based businesses and industrial/organizational psychology faculty members at OU.

Since its first courses were offered in 2003, 169 individuals have graduated from the program. The program helps students develop skills by bringing together cutting edge research with practical application in a team-based learning format. Class and capstone projects address real organizational challenges and opportunities. A Master of Arts in Organizational Dynamics from OU-Tulsa is a hallmark of success for both the program’s students and the organizations for which they work. This is exemplified by the exceptionally high rate of promotions, job offers, and increased visibility of program graduates. Organizational Dynamics graduates are recognized as possessing the leadership skills, vision, and creativity needed to excel within their respective fields.



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