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Field Education

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Field Education

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About the Program

The Field Education program welcomes you to the practicum experience, whether you are a prospective social work student, a current student at the University of Oklahoma Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work, or a prospective Field Instructor. With a Field Education offices supporting the Online program and Norman and Tulsa campuses, placements are coordinated across the globe with agencies offering students direct learning experiences with individuals, families, groups, and communities. Sites provide the supervision and resources needed to develop competent social workers.

Field Opportunities

What are you interested in? Let’s start there. Practicum placements occur in a wide range of setting types, such as: Health, both medical & mental health (hospitals and clinics, plus, counseling centers and inpatient facilities); Children and Family (OKDHS - Child Welfare, school social work and youth prevention programs); Correction(adult prisons, rehabilitation and juvenile programs); Community-Based (Homeless services, food pantries and community outreach to minorities ); Public Health and Assistance (county health departments, medical associations and tribal programs); Aging/Gerontology (hospice, grandparent support and OKDHS – Adult Protective Services); Disabilities (state networks, inpatient units and group homes); and Policy (state agencies, state commissions, legislative affiliates and legal services).

Placement Process

"Good fit” is a crucial aim for a successful practicum experience from both the student and the agency’s perspective. Field Coordinators work with the students, sites, field instructors and liaisons to assure that quality field education occurs. In general, students are oriented to the practicum process, participate in planning for practicum, interview with agencies, and secure their placements. The student’s interests, personal needs, and educational levels all figure in to their approved placement. Degreed social workers (either BASW or MSW) serve as Field instructors for the student(s) at their agency to provide weekly supervision, instruction and evaluation. Instructors are not required to accept students. They receive no monetary compensation for their work with the OUSSW.


For more information on the practicum process, go to: FAQs

Contact Us

Tiffany Adamson, MSW, LCSW 
Field Education Director
Field Education Coordinator - Online (Concentration Year) Program
(918) 660-3358

Carrie Jankowski, MSSW, LCSW 
Field Education Coordinator - Norman Campus 
(405) 325-1395

Rachel McBride, MSW, LCSW  
Field Education Coordinator - Online (Foundation Year) Program 
(918) 660-3379

Austin McCoy, MSW, LCSW
Field Education Coordinator - Tulsa Campus